Halloween Costumes for Cats: Just Say No


It happens every year around this time: every pet store you walk into has Halloween costumes for pets for sale. Your Facebook feed explodes with photos of cats and dogs in costumes. Admittedly, some of the photos are adorable. But do you really think cats, if asked, would want to dress up in anything but their own beautiful fur coats?Continue Reading

Happy Halloween 2020


Allegra and I would like to wish you and your kitties a safe and happy Halloween!

This Halloween will be very different from anything we’ve ever experienced before, but I promised Allegra that she’d have some treats in her little bag at the end of the day.

And even though there may not be trick or treaters this year, which eliminates the chances of cats dashing out open doors, please be mindful of some of the other hazards of the holiday, such as decorations, electrical cords and candles. Click here for our Halloween safety tips.

Mews and Nips will return next Saturday.

Halloween Cat Ornaments from KittyCat Art Studio


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We still have a couple of weeks of summer left to enjoy, but I know many of you are looking forward to fall, and of course, with fall comes Halloween! I usually don’t decorate for Halloween, but this year, I’m planning to do so, and do it early, to bring a little extra happiness into my home. And these adorable ornaments will definitely bring a little joy during these challenging times. Continue Reading

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Cats


I’m pretty sure that if cats had anything to say about it, they’d get rid of Halloween. From a cat’s perspective, there’s not much to love about a holiday when strangers come knocking at your door, your humans dress up in weird outfits and scary looking masks, and some  humans even try to put you in costumes. It’s up to us humans to reduce the stress of this holiday for feline family members and keep them safe so everyone can have a happy Halloween.Continue Reading