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FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is caused by a coronavirus. Easily transmitted between cats, it is equally as easily cleared by most, but sadly in a small subset of cats, the virus changes from a non-pathogenic form to one that aggressively infects intestinal macrophages. Up until very recently, FIP was almost always fatal.Continue Reading

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FIP Infection, Diagnosis & Treatment: Winn Feline Foundation Symposium Report

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Written by Ingrid R. Niesman, MS PhD

Sometimes it’s hard to know which part of me should come out first, the observant and curious scientist, or the deeply passionate cat lover. I registered for the Winn Feline Foundation FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) Symposium based on the opportunity to dive more deeply into the feline medicine scientific world. I never experienced FIP in my cats or had an understanding of feline enteric coronavirus (FECV) or the mutated FIP culprit. I was unprepared to understand the depth of passion surrounding this disease, and the lengths scientists and owners have gone to achieve the breakthroughs in treatment and prevention presented in this two-day symposium.Continue Reading

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Antiviral Drug GC376 for FIP Treatment Waiting for FDA Approval (2023 Update)


We previously reported on a clinical trial that resulted in a critical breakthrough in finding a treatment for cats with feline infectious peritonitis (FIP.) The study, launched in March 2016 by Dr. Yunjeong Kim at Kansas State University and Dr. Niels Pedersen at University of California, Davis, was a small clinical trial to investigate whether a novel antiviral drug could cure or greatly extend the lifespan and quality of life for cats with FIP.Continue Reading

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