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Conscious Cat Sunday: A (Mostly) Unplugged Weekend


There’s no doubt that technology is awesome.I wouldn’t want to imagine my life without it. From connecting with friends near and far via email and social media to shopping, technology has become as much a part of my every day life as breathing and eating. But of course, as with so many things in life, there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. And while it sounds easy to say “I’m going to unplug for the weekend,” the reality, at least for me, has been that no matter how hard I try, I find it quite challenging.Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: Wisdom from Charlie Chaplin


I recently came across a piece of writing attributed to Charlie Chaplin, titled “As I Began to Love Myself.” Chaplin supposedly wrote this on his 70th birthday, although nobody seems to know for sure whether he actually did. It resonated deeply with me, but it also struck me how much of this wisdom is modeled for us by our cats. Maybe it’s an occupational hazard of being a cat writer that everything eventually comes back to cats for me – but I just  had to share it with you.Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: Get Over It


Life’s disappointments can knock the wind out of the best of us, and sometimes, it seems like we’ll never get over some of the bad things that happen. As humans, our tendency can be to continue to bring up our painful past, rather than working on healing the pain and moving on with our lives.

Cats don’t do this. They live in the moment.Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: Is Technology Taking Over Your Life?


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I spend a lot of time online every day, whether it’s doing research for an article, moderating comments on this site, interacting with friends and fans on our various social media sites, or responding to the never-ending flow of email. I also have an iPhone and iPad to keep me connected to this site, social media and email when I’m not at my computer. And I know I’m not alone. Technology has become a part of our everyday lives, for better or for worse.Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: Why Spring Cleaning is Good for You


Do you have a tradition of spring cleaning? To me, there is something very satisfying about the process, especially since cleaning on a physical level can also help clear mental and psychic energy drained by a cluttered environment. Just think about the last time you organized your desk or cleaned out a closet – remember how you not only felt a sense of accomplishment, but how you also felt somehow lighter?Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: Take a News Break


We live in a world where we’re bombarded with news 24/7, and most of it is bad news. It’s everywhere: at airports, in line at the supermarket, even in some doctor’s offices (and don’t even get me started on how insane that is!) It’s becoming increasingly difficult to balance the desire for information with taking care of our mental health. It’s enough to make you wish you where a cat!Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: Say No to Drama


I like a good drama as much as the next person. Intrigue, passion, mystery – what’s not to like? But when I say I like drama, I’m talking about fiction, not real life. When it comes to real life drama, I don’t want any part of it.

There’s an awful lot of drama everywhere you look these days. It’s probably disproportionately represented in online communities – for some, interacting with others online seems to remove a “courtesy filter” that sometimes stops drama from happening in “real life.” Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: Don’t Let Fear Rule Your Life


We live in a culture of fear. There has never been a time when people have been afraid of so much. Three out of four Americans say they feel more fearful today than they did twenty years ago. The media would have us believe that we need to be afraid of everything: the weather, the economy, terrorism, threats to our health. We get warnings via e-mail, text and social media. Surely, Armageddon is just around the corner.Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: Practice Kindness


Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness? Maybe someone let you go ahead in the grocery store line because you only had one item. The driver in the car ahead of you at the toll booth paid your toll. A friend you haven’t talked to in a while called for no reason at all. If you’ve been on the receiving end of such an act of kindness, you know how wonderful it feels.Continue Reading

Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: Accepting What Is


Every single moment in life offers us a choice: we can either be in the moment and accept what is happening, or we can resist it. This is a lesson that life tends to present to us over and over. Whether it’s weather throwing a wrench into our plans, or a friend or co-worker not cooperating with our wishes, gracefully accepting what is can be challenging.

Look to your cats for clues on how to do this.Continue Reading