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Review: Urban Tigers Two: More Tales of a Cat Vet by Kathy Chisholm


When we first met Dr. Emily McBride In Urban Tigers: Tales of a Cat Vet, she charmed readers with stories from her first year at the Ocean View Cat Hospital in Nova Scotia, Canada, owned by the flamboyant Dr. Hughie. In Urban Tigers Two: More Tales of a Cat Vet, Emily’s adventures continue.

Like the first book, Urban Tigers Two offers an in depth look at what really goes on at a cat hospital. From eccentric clients to challenging medical cases, Emily sees it all. Drawn from the author’s own experience in a feline practice, much of the book brought back fond memories of my years working in veterinary clinics. (Trust me, even though some of the clients in the book may seem a bit  “over the top,” these demanding and sometimes oddball and quirky clients do exist in real life!)

There’s plenty of heartbreak in this book – that’s the nature of a life spent working with animals. But the book is also filled with lots of smiles and sometimes laugh-out-loud humor.

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Finding a cat-friendly vet

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Cats are notoriously underserved when it comes to veterinary care. The  American Association of Feline Practitioners shares the following statistics:

  • In the United States, there are 86 Million Owned Cats and 78 Million Owned Dogs.
  • Almost twice as many cats than dogs never visit the veterinarian.
  • Of the cats that do visit the veterinarian, they average 26% fewer visits than dogs.
  • 41% of cat owners visit the veterinarian only for vaccinations.
  • 39% of cat owners say they would only take their cat to the veterinarian if the cat was sick.
  • 60% of cat owners report that their cat hates going to the veterinarian.
  • 38% of cat owners report that they get stressed just thinking about bringing their cat to the practice.

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Book review: Urban Tigers by Kathy Chisholm


I first heard about Urban Tigers: Tales of a Cat Vet when a friend forwarded me an e-mail about the book. She had received her e-mail from a cat vet friend, and it included endorsements by two of the premiere feline veterinarians in North America, Dr. Susan Little and Dr. Margie Scherk. Dr. Little called it a “must-read for all vets, vets-to-be & cat lovers”. Dr. Scherk called it “a delightful read.” I had to know more. When my copy arrived, I could hardly wait to get started.

I wasn’t disappointed. Urban Tigers is the story of Dr. Emily McBride’s first year at the Ocean View Cat Hospital in Nova Scotia, Canada. Under the guidance of the flamboyant Dr. Hughie Doucette, Emily encounters a wide variety of cat loving clients, ranging from the retired history professor whose cherished felines only drink bottled water to the self-proclaimed cat psychic whose cat has a lot to say about just how he’d like things to be. At first, Emily is treated as the “new kid on the block” by Dr. Doucette’s clients, but she quickly earns the trust and respect of the colorful and entertaining residents of the small town the clinic is located in.Continue Reading