What is it about cats and sinks?


Most cats seem to have a fascination with sinks. Maybe it’s the cool surface. Maybe it’s the purr-fect shape. After all, most sinks are just the right size to make the ideal cat bed. Then of course, there’s the fascination with water: some cats seem to find drinking from a dripping tap simply irresistible, and hang out in the sink until their guardian will turn on the faucet.

Ruby is utterly fascinated with my bathroom. She usually sits on the vanity right next to the sink while I brush my teeth and wash my face. Occasionally, she will also sit in the sink. I’ve yet to catch Allegra in the sink, but she, too, likes to hang out in the bathroom with me. She prefers to watch from the toilet seat.

If you can’t get enough of cats in sinks, check out Buzzfeed’s gallery of 20 cats in sinks – some of the photos are hysterically funny.

A company called Little Cat Design took the concept of cats’ fascination with sinks one step further, Continue Reading

Review and giveaway: Drinkwell Lotus Pet Fountain


Fountains are a great way to encourage cats to drink more water. Water is critical to keeping your cat healthy. While cats get moisture from a raw or canned diet, they should still have plenty of fresh water available at all times. Cats as a species don’t have a high thirst drive, and this can lead to chronic low-level dehydration if a cat is fed mostly dry food, which in turn, can lead to urinary tract and kidney problems.

We received the Drinkwell® Lotus Pet Fountain for review last week. The girls watched as I took it out of the big box addressed to “Allegra and Ruby King.” I think they were probably expecting to hear some colorful language from me when I saw the words “the fountain is not fully assembled” on the instructions. Thankfully, what little assembly it required was something even I could handle, and a few minutes later, it was filled with water, plugged in, and ready.

The Drinkwell® Lotus Pet Fountain features an elevated drinking dish with multiple streams of water. Continue Reading

How Cats Drink


Ruby has a pretty elaborate ritual before she starts to take a drink of water. First, she sticks one paw into her water bowl and flings some water out of the bowl. Then she repeate the same thing with her other paw. Then she’ll lick her paws. It’s only after she’s apparently satisfied herself that yes, there is indeed water in her bowl (and after she has made a big mess all around her bowl!) that she will settle down and take a nice long drink of water.

Watching her go through this sequence again this morning made me wonder how many other cats have strange drinking habits. I’ve heard of cats who like to drink from a faucet, cats who prefer to drink from a cat fountain, cats who will only drink by dipping their paws in water and then licking their paws. Regardless of how cats drink, it’s important that they have fresh water available to them all the time.Continue Reading