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Basepaws Christmas Sale: Up to $100 Off DNA Tests and Free Toy With Every Order


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For the entire month of December, Basepaws is offering deep discounts on their Breed and Health Test, Dental Health Test  and Whole Genome Sequencing test. While it may seem a bit odd to think of a DNA test as a holiday gift, it’s really a gift for both you and your cat. It will tell you about your cat’s genetic make up and identify potential health issues so you can be proactive about them. Continue Reading

Your Senior Cat Can Help Discover the Genetics Behind Feline Longevity


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Basepaws, a leading innovator in pet biotechnology, is committed to research and discovering new knowledge that will help veterinary professionals provide better care for their patients. We are developing a unique category of screening tools that combines genomic, microbiome and health history data to identify pre-clinical indicators associated with health-related outcomes.Continue Reading

DNA Testing Can Tell You About Your Cat’s Health and Genetic Makeup and Help Advance Science


Have you ever wondered about your cat’s genetic background? Maybe you’d like to learn more about which breeds make up your rescue cat? Maybe you’re curious about whether or not her coat color influences her personality? DNA Testing can do all that. More importantly, it can identify genetic health conditions so you can be proactive about preventing them from manifesting. Having a DNA test done on your cat not only benefits you and your cat, it can also contribute to our scientific understanding of the feline genome and thus improve the health of all cats.Continue Reading

Basepaws Whole Genome Sequencing: Your Cat’s Complete Genetic Information


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I previously introduced you to the Basepaws Breed and Health DNA Test and their new Dental Health Kit. Now Basepaws is elevating feline genetic testing to a whole new level. Their Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is the most comprehensive method for analyzing entire genomes. This test provides your cat’s complete, future-proof genetic information, yielding roughly 10,000 times more raw data than other DNA tests.Continue Reading

Basepaws Dental Health Test


It is estimated that 50-90% of all adult cats have dental health problems, with periodontal disease being the number one culprit. The good news is that most dental conditions are preventable and treatable, if caught early.

The only way dental disease can be diagnosed definitively is via a thorough oral exam by your cat’s veterinarian. By the time your cat shows typical warning signs, dental disease may already be in its advanced stages.Continue Reading

Get $40 Off a Basepaws Breed and Health DNA Test


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Basepaws is offering a $40 discount on their test kit to celebrate Mother’s Day and cat moms everywhere! I sure wouldn’t have thought of a DNA test kit as a Mother’s Day gift, but if you or your mom have been thinking about this, this is a great time to do it. If you order by April 30, the kit will be delivered in time for Mother’s Day. Continue Reading