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Review: In Clover Supplements for Cats


There are a lot of supplements for pets on the market, and it can be challenging for cat parents to know not only which ones your cat might need, but which ones are quality products. I’m always on the lookout for quality products, and was intrigued when In Clover approached me about reviewing some of their supplements.

I rarely accept supplements for review unless it’s something I’ve already thoroughly researched and/or tried. I won’t use Allegra and Ruby as product testers for products whose claims I can’t verify. After taking a look around In Clover’s website, I was impressed.Continue Reading

Soothe Your Cat’s Pain and Encourage Healthy Appetite with Yucca


Arthritis in cats is a common, but under-recognized condition in senior cats. The signs are often subtle, and can be hard to distinguish – cats can’t complain about their aching joints, so all cat guardians see is a response to pain. Cats with arthritis might avoid the activities they used to enjoy, some may become depressed or change their eating habits, others may simply seem grumpier than usual.

There are multiple modalities to address arthritis pain, ranging from anti-inflammatory medications, acupuncture, and Reiki to supplements.Continue Reading