Dewey's Nine Lives Vicky Myron

In Dewey’s Nine Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions, Vicky Myron offers nine stories about some very special cats, inspired by the thosands of letters and e-mails she received from readers around the world after the phenomenally successful publication of Dewey: The Small-Town Libary Cat Who Touched the World.

The new paperback edition, which will be released November 1, includes two new stories about Dewey himself and features seven new real-life tales of friendship including the story of a Vietnam veteran whose heart was opened by his relationship with a rescued cat and the story of a woman who vows she will never love another cat until a special one unexpectedly comes into her life. The book also shares the love story of author Vicki Myron and Glen Alberton, and their unexpected connection through Dewey himself.Continue Reading