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Why Your Cat Needs Environmental Enrichment


Environmental enrichment is a term that is used by many feline behaviorist, and it’s important that you understand what it means for your cats.

Creating an environment that stimulates your cats’ senses and gives her opportunities to exercise her natural instincts is especially important for indoor cats. Renowned behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell,” calls environmental enrichment “catification.” Catifying your cat’s environment not only makes her happy, it can also prevent serious behavior problems ranging from scratching and inappropriate elimination to aggression toward other cats in the household.Continue Reading

Cat Toy Safety


I’m pretty paranoid when it comes to making sure the toys I let Allegra and Ruby play with are safe. We have plenty of “blind and deaf mice” at our house because I remove glued on eyes and ears from toy mice before I even give them to the girls. Toys with rubber bands or elastic are a no-no, and it goes without saying that any interactive, fishing type poles with string are never left out and only used when I play with the girls. Cat toy safety is paramount at our house.

A few days ago, I realized that paranoia can actually be a good thing – apparently, you can never be too vigilant when it comes to keeping your cats safe.Continue Reading

Giveaway: Pawful of Toys from MyThreeCats.Com

cat-toys is an online specialty cat shopping site, offering a variety of designer cat merchandise including cat trees, beds, scratchers, toys, feeding accessories and more. Today, they’ve offered up a super fun giveaway for your kitties: a Pawful of Toys!

The giveaway package, valued at $43, includes the following:Continue Reading

Review and Giveaway: The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate

Review: PawPack Subscription Box


PawPack is a new subscription service for cats (and dogs, too). The concept is simple: for a monthly fee, you receive a box a month filled with treats and toys. The contents of the box are picked for you, so each month brings new surprises for you and your feline family members.

Allegra and Ruby had fun investigating our PawPack  box as soon as I opened it. Our box contained Continue Reading

Allegra and Ruby Love Taffy Rolls


Allegra and Ruby are big fans of all of the Hauspanther toys, and they were more than happy to test their newest offering: Taffy Roll Cat Toys. Are these too cute or what! These bouncy little toys are made with colorful soft fleece. They’re the perfect size for tossing and batting around. They’re lightweight and the ends are easy to grab, making it super easy for kitties to fling them all over the place.

Allow Ruby to demonstrate for you in the video below:Continue Reading

Review and Giveaway: Love in a Box from MeowBox


Editor’s Note: As of August 2015, has closed – please go to for more information. If you are looking for a cat subscription box, go to

I believe that there’s no such thing as a cat who is too spoiled, and thanks to MeowBox, now there’s a whole new way cat guardians can spoil their feline family members. Meow Box is a monthly subscription service. Each month, your kitty will receive a box filled with toys, treats, gadgets, accessories, and more.

I loved the blue and white box everything came in. I’ll be reusing it as a gift box. The girls were more excited about what was inside. Content varies from month to month. Our box  revealed a Kong Wubba toy, which is a big hit with Ruby, an Up Country catnip mouse, which came in a super cute cylinder package, a Kong Zoom Groom grooming tool, two bags of treats, and an adorable cat-shaped cookie cutter. I thought Continue Reading

Coming Soon: Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Pet Products


Of all the new products I saw at Global Pet Expo two weeks ago, the new line of pet products developed by former super model turned business mogul Kathy Ireland was the biggest surprise for me. I honestly didn’t expect much from this line. I figured it was simply another celebrity putting her name on a line of ho-hum, mediocre products. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


The cat products in the Loved Ones™ pet product collection are extremely well designed. Continue Reading

Jackson Galaxy and Petmate Introduce New Line of Cat Toys at Global Pet Expo


Of all the products I wanted to see at Global Pet Expo, I was most excited about getting a first look at the new line of toys created by Jackson Galaxy. Jackson introduced the concept of “hunt, catch, kill, eat” in his wildly successful Animal Planet show My Cat From Hell. The concept revolutionized life for countless cats who had previously been bored house cats with behavioral challenges. Jackson taught cat guardians that cats need an enriched environment and play time to be happy. So if anyone knows how to design the ultimate cat toy, it would be Jackson, right?Continue Reading

Global Pet Expo 2014 Highlights

giant kitten

I spent Wednesday through Friday in Orlando, FL, at the Global Pet Expo. This is the largest trade show of pet products anywhere in the world. There were close to 1,000 exhibitors in almost 3,000 booth in the Orange County Convention Center.

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be bringing you lots of cool information about some of the amazing products I saw there, including my choice of best new cat product. Today, I’m sharing some of the highlights of my personal experience with you.

There were two product lines I had been most curious about: The Jackson Galaxy Collection of cat toys developed by Jackson in partnership with Petmate, and the Kathy Ireland Loved Ones pet product collection. I’ll be sharing more details about both collections in a future post. Here’s a sneak peek at The Jackson Galaxy Collection:Continue Reading