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Review: KittyWhip Cat Toys


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I have to be honest: when I first received the pitch to review a toy called KittyWhip, I almost declined. It just seemed like such an awful name for a cat toy. But once I took a look at the toys, I decided to accept – and I’m so glad I did.Continue Reading

Review: Sheer Fun for Cats


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Sheer Fun for Cats is an interactive toy that stimulates your cat’s natural instinct to hide, hunt, stalk and pounce. Developed by a cat sitter, this patented versatile product makes old toys new again and keeps playtime interesting.Continue Reading

Review: Cheerble Board Game


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A board game for cats? Yes, please! The Cheerble Board Game is a clever 3-in-1 interactive toy for cats. Featuring a sturdy scratching pad, a puzzle toy, and a “smart” ball, this toy will bring hours of fun for your cats and for you. Continue Reading

Petstages Tower of Tracks


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Ball and spin toys are nothing new, but this new inexpensive take on an old favorite looks really good to me, so I wanted to share it with you. This three tiered tower features a stacked and sturdy construction with a non-slip base to hold the toy in place.Continue Reading

Review: Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball by Petmate


The Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball provides visual entertainment for your cat. The toy uses sensor-activated action to set the butterfly fluttering within the ball, which taps into your cat’s natural instincts to observe and track prey. The ball is weighted at the base so while it wobbles when your cats bat at it, it still stays upright.Continue Reading