cat shelves

Padded Cat Shelves


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For cats who like to be up high, cat shelves are a great way to provide vertical space without adding a big bulky cat tree to a room. My only problem with a lot of cat shelves is that they’re not very soft. When I came across these padded shelves from 4MyPetShop on Etsy, I just had to share them with you.Continue Reading

CatScapes Modular Cat Shelves: Creating a World for Cats Within Our Own


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Cats love to climb and view the world from high places, and providing appropriate opportunities for them to do this is an essential part of environmental enrichment. Vertical space is especially important in multicat homes, because it increases the territory available to cats, and allows cats to get away from each other when needed.

CatScapes, an innovative modular climbing system, lets you create a completely customizable vertical experience for your cats.Continue Reading

Trixie Pet 4-Piece Wall-Mounted Cat Lounging Set


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I recently came across this wall mounted cat climbing and lounging set, and I totally fell in love with it. I’ve been considering mounting some cat shelves for Allegra and Ruby, but have shied away for two reasons: one, I have no handyman talents whatsoever, and would need to hire someone to get them set up, and two, most wall shelves don’t have a lot of padding, and neither of the girls like to lounge on hard surfaces for any length of time.Continue Reading

KATRIS Introduces Wall Mountable Modular Cat Shelves


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I’ve long been a fan of KATRIS modular cat furniture. KATRIS is a system of cardboard shapes that you can arrange in endless configurations. Remember the computer game Tetris? You get the idea. KATRIS uses super dense paper for the construction of these sturdy pieces, and they also offer covers in multiple colors so you can make Katris part of your home decor.

We reviewed the original Katris system two years ago, and we reviewed KATRIS Lynks, two pieces that can function as standalone scratchers or be added to the existing blocks or furniture, earlier this year. Continue Reading