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Giveaway: Cat art print by Michelle Wolff


Michelle Wolff paints stunning custom portraits of pets and wild animals. She became fascinated by the challenge of capturing the essence of an animal through charcoal, graphite, pastel and some home made watercolors, which she makes from coffee, tea and onion skins. Eyes are her absolute favorite. She spends a lot of time  trying to tune in and really grasp the emotional tone of the subject.


In addition to her custom work, Michelle also offers prints of 11 different cat images, including the ones shown here. The prints are available in a variety of options, both framed and  unframed.Continue Reading

Meet BZTAT, artist, writer and cat advocate


Artist Vicki Boatright, known as “BZTAT” (pronounced bee-zee-tat), is an accomplished artist with several public art projects to her credit. An avid pet lover and business partner to her cat Brewskie Butt, Vicki specializes in whimsical drawings, paintings and prints of cats, dogs and other companion animals. She creates colorful customized pet portraits, which are unique in their original contemporary style. Vicki also creates murals and other artworks that address a variety of themes.

I’m delighted to welcome Vicki to The Conscious Cat today.

When did you first realize that you were an artist?

I cannot remember a time in my life where I was not creating. Being an artist is something I am, not something I do. I remember drawing and doodling and coloring, etc. when I was very small, and I never stopped!


Your unique style is instantly recognizable. How did you develop this style?Continue Reading

Giveaway: Limited edition cat art from Ola Liola

Ola Liola cat print

I can’t recall where on my online travels I first saw the art of Ola Liola, but her stunning prints definitely made an impression.

Ola Liola was born in the Ukraine and grew up surrounded by incredible majestic nature. When she was 16, she moved to Israel with her family, where she studied design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. She is a freelance illustrator and fashion accessory designer. Working in fashion drove her to create through questions. How could emotion be expressed with color? How could thoughts, feelings or special events be relayed through visual expression?

Ola Liola cat print

Her images of animals emerged as a result of these questions. The illustrations areContinue Reading