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The Cats Movie Trailer: Creepy or Intriguing?


I’ve been eager to see what the Cats movie, set for release on December 20, 2019, will be like ever since I first heard about it. Eager, and a bit apprehensive. I saw the play several times, and of course, I own the sound track as well. For me, it has stood the test of time. However, Broadway to big screen doesn’t always translate well.  And then, last week, the first trailer was released.Continue Reading

What We Know About the Cats Movie So Far


December 20, 2019: mark your calendars! That’s the day the movie Cats will premiere in theaters.

The musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on T.S. Eliot’s poems opened in London in 1981. It became the fourth longest running show on Broadway, originally running at the Winter Garden Theatre from 1982 to 2000. It was revived in 2016. And this December, it will be a movie.Continue Reading

A Street Cat Named Bob Comes to the Big Screen


I’ve been a huge fan of James Bowen and his Street Cat Named Bob ever since the first book was published in 2012. This rags to riches story of an orange cat changing James Bowen’s life from down on his luck drug addict to bestselling author touched my heart in a big way, and I’ve been following the pair ever since. Watching the journey of these two soul mates has been pure joy.

This November, the story of James and Bob is coming to the big screen.Continue Reading

Why I Won’t Be Watching Nine Lives


When I first saw the announcement that Kevin Spacey would star in a movie about a man being trapped in a cat’s body, I was intrigued. The story line sounds cute: Spacey plays billionaire businessman Tom Brand, a man who never has time for his wife and daughter. When he needs a present for Rebecca’s 11th birthday, Brand visits a mysterious pet store and leaves with a cat named Mr. Fuzzypants. After getting into an accident, Tom wakes up to find himself magically trapped inside the cat’s body. As his family adjusts to life with the strange cat, Brand must figure out a way to become human again.Continue Reading

The Nine Lives of Christmas Premieres on Hallmark Channel


I have a confession to make: I have a soft spot for sappy holiday movies, and thanks to the Hallmark Channel, I can indulge this fondness from November 1 through December 31 each year. Most of the movies follow a pretty set pattern, as you would expect from the genre. Occasionally, they’ve featured movies with dogs, but this year, for the first time that I know of, there’s a movie featuring cats. And not just any movie: The Nine Lives of Christmas is based on the book of the same title by Sheila Roberts, which happens to be one of my favorite Christmas cat books.Continue Reading

Cats in commercials

L'Odysee de Cartier commercial

It seems that there are more and more commercials featuring cats lately. On the whole, I think this is a wonderful trend. While I’m not a huge fan of cats being made to do things they wouldn’t naturally want to do, I do believe that some cats love the challenge of being trained to do “tricks.” As long as this training is done responsibly, I have no problem with it. And if done right, training your cat can be an extension of play, and enhance the bond between cat and human

I don’t care for commercials that show cats in clothes, or portray them in other ways that most self-respecting cats would consider less than dignified. With all the advances in computer animation technology, it’s possible to make funny commercials without putting cats through something that just isn’t very cat-like. And even then, there’s a fine line between something being funny, and making fun of someone at their expense.

A recent brilliant exampleContinue Reading