cat home decor

Holiday Cat Tree Hand Towels


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I like having small touches of holiday decor throughout my home, and this year more than ever before, I’m looking for things that are going to make me smile. These holiday hand towels from Triple T Studios fit the bill! Continue Reading

Personal Humidifier from Triple T Studios


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‘Tis the season for dry indoor air. I have a humidifier running in my bedroom from November through March, and it makes a huge difference for me. I never thought of putting a portable humidifier on my desk, but now that Triple T Studios is offering this adorable feline-centric version, I will!Continue Reading

Cat Fans to Keep You Cool in Style


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If you’re a woman of a certain age, (or if you just don’t like being too hot,) you may occasionally find that you need to fan yourself to cool off a little. After using yet another folded piece of paper to get the job done the other day, I decided that there had to be a more fun way to do this – and sure enough, I came across these adorable fans!Continue Reading

Giveaway: Cat Paw Glass


You may have heard about the insanely popular cat paw mug released by Starbucks in China. Apparently, the glass was so popular that it caused fights among eager collectors the day they went on sale.

You don’t have to go to China, and you don’t have to pay collector’s prices to get your paws on one of these super gorgeous Cat Paw Glasses! Our friends at Triple T Studios will get a limited inventory of these beautiful glasses in mid-April, but you can pre-order them now to ensure that you will get one as soon as they arrive.Continue Reading