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Evercare Review: Cat Hair Pick Up Solutions That Work


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Living with cat hair is a fact of life when you share your home with cats. Shedding is a normal process for healthy cats, in which old fur is replaced with new. All cats shed, regardless of the length of their coats. You may think that longhaired cats shed more, but that’s only because the fur they shed is so much more visible. We recently offered tips to deal with shedding, from regular brushing to feeding a species-appropriate diet to supplements, but even if you follow our advice, you’ll still have some cat hair to deal with.

Evercare, the inventor of the original pet hair roller, offers several effective tools to help you deal with cat hair. We tested a few of them for you.Continue Reading

Review: e-cloth Pet Grooming Mitt


There are numerous benefits to grooming your cat on a regular basis. Grooming increases circulation, it’s kind of like a mini massage. It’s also a great way to bond with your cat. The calming, repetitive motion of grooming can have a relaxing effect on your cat (and on you!). And of course, grooming also helps remove loose hair, which means less shedding.

Not all cats enjoy being groomed. If your cat is not receptive to grooming, start slow, and gradually increase the time you spend grooming. Experiment with different grooming tools. For cats who don’t like brushes, a grooming mitt can be an excellent choice.Continue Reading

Review and Giveaway: SwiPets Pet Hair Removal Product


I’m always a little skeptical when I hear claims like “world’s best product.” But sometimes, a product really does live up to its claim, and the SwiPets Pet Hair Removal Product is one of those products.

This clever product is nothing more sophisticated than a glove. You can’t get much simpler than that, right? The glove is made from a blend of spandex and nylon,coated with what the company calls a “high tech coating” said to effortlessly remove pet hair from furniture, clothing and hard to reach places with a simple swipe of your hand.

And boy, does it work! Continue Reading