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Review: Greeting Cards from Blue Turtle Studio


In this age of digital greeting cards, it’s always nice to send or receive a “real” card in the mail. I love browsing greeting cards, and I frequently pick up cat cards even without knowing who or for what occasion I’m going to send them. I like to always have a supply on hand.

And sometimes, cat greeting cards are more than just greeting cards: they’re small works of art. This is the case with the cards from Blue Turtle Studio. They’ve been producing handmade cards for the last 17 years. While they’ve moved on from hand cutting each design to utilizing computer design and laser printers, their cards have maintained the appearance of handmade cards.Continue Reading

Giveaway: Cat Greeting Cards from Nobleworks Cards


In this age of e-mail and e-cards, receiving a “real” greeting card in the mail is a real treat. I know quite a few of my friends feel that way, too, and as a result, I’m always on the lookout for unique cards.

Nobleworks offers a huge selection of humorous and witty cards for all occasions. Some of their cards are a little edgy, featuring sarcasm and somewhat racy jokes. While that kind of humor is not really my cup of tea, I have to admit, some of these “darker” cards are laugh-out-loud funny. All cards are printed on recycled or recyclable paper, are printed in the US, and are shipped free.Continue Reading