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Trixie Baza Scratching Post, Hammock and Condo


I recently came across this little cat tree with a hammock on top and wanted to share it with you, because so many cats love hammocks. It’s advertised as a cat tree, but at 20 inches high, I’d hardly call it a “tree.” Despite the lack of height, I think this is a fun piece of furniture that will appeal to a lot of cats.Continue Reading

Two Story Cat Condo and Scratching Post


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The days of ugly cat furniture are long gone, but I find that some of the newer modern designs look a bit too sleek for my taste. This two-story cat condo and scratching post is functional and looks good at the same time. The design is neutral enough to blend in with most decorating styles.Continue Reading

SONGMICS Cat Trees and Condos


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Creating an environment that stimulates your cats’ senses and gives them opportunities to exercise their natural instincts is critically important for their mental and physical well-being. Cat trees and condos meet your cat’s need to climb, perch, hide. Environmental enrichment not only makes cats happy, it can also prevent serious behavior problems ranging from scratching and inappropriate elimination to aggression toward other cats in the household.Continue Reading

Basket Cat Perch


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Last week, we featured two adorable basket cat beds. Ever since then, Allegra and Ruby have been working on a wish list, and they’ve included this double basket cat perch. Allegra thinks it would be perfect because they could share it. Ruby is not so sure about the sharing part, but she said as long as she can call the shots on who gets which basket, she’ll consider it.Continue Reading

The Original Cat Ball: Ultimate Cat Bed, Hideaway and Kitty Gym


The Original Cat Ball  had been on my wish list for Allegra and Ruby for several years, so when Jennifer Schmidt, the designer of this unique cat bed, contacted us to see whether we would like to review one, I was delighted!

The Cat Ball is a fabulous cave style cat bed with padded walls and openings on two sides. It comes in a huge variety of super fun fabrics, and  it’s completely machine washable. And that’s a good thing, because I can guarantee you that this cat bed will get used. And used. And used.Continue Reading

Is Your Cat A Tree Dweller or A Bush Dweller?

tree dweller bush dweller

If you’ve watched Jackson Galaxy work his magic with challenging cats on Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, you know that one of the concepts he frequently explains to cat guardians is the difference between cats who are “tree dwellers” and cats who are “bush dwellers.”

Tree dwellers need vertical space. These are the cats that like to jump up on counters, sit on top of the refrigerator, climb curtains or bookshelves. Bush dwellers, on the other hand, prefer to stay low to the ground. They tend to seek out spots that are hidden, such as under an end table, or even under the sofa or bed.

In multi-cat households, it is critical that you understand your cats’ preferences, and provide options to accommodate both behavior styles.Continue Reading

Allegra and Ruby’s cat castle dreams


Since the girls spend a fair amount of time on the computer, it’s inevitable that they find things they like during their online travels, but nothing matched the commotion I heard coming from my office when they came across the Cattemporary Cat Castle™ from The Refined Feline. But why don’t I let them tell you.


Ruby: Allegra, look at this cool castle!

Allegra: I see it, Ruby. It would make a fun toy for us, wouldn’t it?

Ruby: It would be AWESOME! I could climb all the way to the top and look down on you!

Allegra: And I could sleep inside and have some peace and quiet from you.Continue Reading

Does your home have a cat superhighway?


The term “cat superhighway” was coined by Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy. In most episodes of My Cat From Hell, you can watch him recommend some version of this environmental modification designed to give cats a way to traverse their indoor environment as if they were outdoors.

Cat superhighways are especially important in households with more than one cat. They give cats opportunities to share territory on more than one level, without bumping into each other and creating possible altercations.

A good cat superhighway includes the following elements:

  • multiple lanes offering alternate routes
  • on and off ramps
  • no dead ends
  • rest stops and lookout points

You can create a cat superhighwayContinue Reading