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Review: Tortoiseshell Food Bowls from Cats Rule


Cat food bowls in a tortoiseshell design? Yes, please! When it comes to food bowls, I don’t know that they come much prettier than these gorgeous bowls by Cats Rule. I first saw these bowls at CatConLA, and was delighted when the folks at Cats Rule sent me home with two of them to test with Allegra and Ruby.Continue Reading

SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl Keeps Your Cat’s Food Fresh


This post is sponsored by SureFeed

Do you have a slow eater who prefers to eat her meal over a period of several hours rather than inhale it all at once? Would you like to be able to leave canned food out for your cats while you’re not home? With the new Sealed Pet Bowl from SureFeed, you can.

The bowl features a motion-activated lid. Unlike SureFeeds Microchip Feeder, which is designed to solve feeding problems in multi-cat homes, this feeder does not require a microchip or collar tag to operate it. The feeder is powered by 4 C cell batteries (not included.) It keeps food moist for more than 12 hours.*Continue Reading

Giveaway: PawNosh Glass Pet Bowl


PawNosh  glass pet bowls look more like a piece of art than a utilitarian food or water bowl. These gorgeous bowls are made from 100% recycled glass. Using recycled glass helps keep renewable resources out of landfills, and reduces energy usage by 20-30% compared to creating a bowl using raw materials. More importantly, glass is the safest material you can use for food and water because it is naturally free of harmful chemicals that can sometimes be found in plastics, metals, and ceramic. Each bowl is hand-pressed in the USA and is accompanied by a lifetime warranty against breakage.Continue Reading

MDeluxe Modern Handmade Pet Products Beautifully Combine Form and Function

MDeluxe cover

I love discovering cat products that are not just functional, but also beautifully designed and well made. Domen and Miha Grošelj, two brothers from Slovenia who share a great love for cats, have created an incredibly gorgeous line of products ranging from beds to scratchers to food bowls.

The brothers spend countless hours in front of the computer searching for something that their cat Rossi would love, but that would also fit into their home. Continue Reading

Review: Pet Fusion Elevated Pet Feeder


I love well-designed cat products that are both functional and beautiful, and the Pet Fusion Elevated Pet Feeder meets both of those criteria.

The elevated design makes eating more comfortable and can also help improve digestion. Elevated feeders are also a great choice for senior cats with arthritis. They allow the cat to eat standing up, rather than crouching with already painful joints.Continue Reading

Giveaway: ModaPet Cat Bowls


ModaPet combines fashion with function while also keeping safety and stability in mind. Available in a variety of gorgeous, rich colors ranging from the flirty “Some Like it Hot” pink (our favorite!) to a creamy “Pesto” green, all ModaPet bowls have a functional non-slip bottom and are made with BPA-free, food-grade materials.

I love that these bowl have a wide opening. This helps prevent whisker stress. With a unique pedestal-style body, the sleek, sturdy and substantial ModaPet bowl comes for pets of all sizes Continue Reading

Review: PawNosh Glass Pet Bowls


Buying a food or water bowl for your cat isn’t just a matter of finding the cutest pattern or color. What’s much more important than looks is the material the bowl is made out of, and the size.

Plastic bowls may contain BPA’s, and they can also harbor bacteria once they start getting scratched. Feline acne, which manifests in small, oily black bumps on the cat’s chin, very similar to blackheads in humans, is believed to be a reaction to plastic food bowls.

The best materials for cat bowls are glass, stainless steel, or ceramic.Continue Reading