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Review: The Comeback Cat


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Diabetes in humans has reached epidemic proportions, and sadly, this trend also affects our cats. Diabetes affects as many as 1 in 50 cats, and appears to be more prevalent due to factors such as diet and low activity levels. Male, neutered cats are at increased risk, as are cats who are overweight or obese. A diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming for cat parents. In The Comeback Cat: Cleo’s Incredible Journey Through Feline Diabetes to Remission, Heather Peden shares her experience  with this disease.Continue Reading

Review: Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself


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Cats and boxes: we all know the fascination is endless. How many times have you bought what you thought was a really cool cat toy or cat tree for your cats, only to find that they love the box it came in much more than the actual item? Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself offers step-by-step instructions to turn boxes and cardboard into a variety of cat houses and play spaces your cats will love.Continue Reading

Review: Call of the Cats: What I Learned About Life and Love from a Feral Colony


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Andrew Bloomfield was not a cat person. The world traveler and spiritual seeker moved to Hollywood to break into the movie business. He expected to pitch screen plays to studio executives and producers, and to become a part of the Hollywood scene. What he didn’t expect was that he would not only be drawn into caring for the colony of feral cats living behind his new bungalow, but that taking care of these wild cats would transform his life. In Call of the Cats: What I Learned About Life from a Feral Colony, Bloomfield shares his journey from self-absorption to selflessness.Continue Reading

Review: Life Works Itself Out (And Then You Nap)

It’s Kitty O’Clock Somewhere!


Guest post by Clea Simon

Cats understand book time.

You know how felines are – the way they’ll rush around madly, only to suddenly plop down for an hours-long nap. Their insistence that they are starving and must be fed immediately, only to be sated a few licks, finishing up a split second later – or distracted by a passing shadow.

Book time is like that.Continue Reading

Summer Reading for Cat Lovers


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One of my greatest summer pleasures is spending time outside with a good book. Whether it’s on my deck, in a sidewalk cafe, or a park, there’s just something about reading outdoors that makes one of my favorite pastimes even more special. I like to read a lot of different genres, but of course, a large part of my summer reading list is made up of cat books.

You can find plenty of suggestions for your reading list in the book section on this site. Today, I thought I’d share some old favorites that make for great summer reading.Continue Reading

Review and Interview with Rita Mae Brown


I have been a fan of the Mrs. Murphy mystery series by Rita Mae Brown (co-written with her cat Sneaky Pie,) featuring tabby cat Mrs. Murphy and her friends Tee Tucker the Corgi and Pewter, a rotund grey kitty who is sensitive about her weight, since the first book in the series came out in 1991. 25 years later, the series is still going strong.Continue Reading

My Top 10 Books of 2015


I don’t keep track of the number of books I read each year, but my best guess is somewhere between 150 and 200, and at least half of them have something to do with cats. I reviewed more than 40 books here on The Conscious Cat this year.

I made a commitment to myself long ago that I would never post a bad book review. I feel that every author pours his or her heart and soul into a book, and just because I don’t like a book doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a good book. As a result, if you see a book reviewed here on the site, it means that I really liked it. This makes it challenging each year to pick only ten favorites!Continue Reading

Conscious Cat Sunday: Why Coloring Books Are Good For Your Mental Health


Adult coloring books are winding up on bestseller lists around the world, and it turns out that coloring is more than just a fun way to pass the time. Studies show that the structured, rhythmic motion of coloring eases you into a meditative state, which allows you to push negative thoughts and worries out of your mind, and which induces a profound sense of relaxation. Coloring is also a great way to explore your creativity. Spending 15 minutes coloring an image can give you a sense of having accomplished something beautiful, and that can carry over into other parts of your life.Continue Reading

Last Minute Holiday Shopping Ideas for Cat Lovers


How is your holiday shopping coming along? If you’re already all done and ready to wrap, good for you! I bet your kitties are standing by, eager to help with all the wrapping, which surely is a cat’s favorite part of the holidays. What’s not to like: boxes, paper, ribbons (just be careful, never leave cats unsupervised with ribbon. If a cat ingests ribbon, it can lead to a life-threatening intestinal obstruction.)

But for those of you who still need a little help, here’s a round up of some last minute shopping ideas for you.Continue Reading

Review: How Smart is Your Cat?


I think most of us would agree that cats are pretty darn smart. What, Allegra? Oh, you think that Ruby is too smart for her own good? I have to agree with you on that. Ruby, stop blowing raspberries at your sister!

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled book review! How Smart Is Your Cat is a fun little book that allows you assess your feline family members’ intelligence with a series of intelligence tests and easy to teach tricks. Continue Reading