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Coming this Summer: Tiny But Mighty: Kitten Lady’s Guide to Saving the Most Vulnerable Felines


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We’re big fans of Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw. Since her first rescue ten years ago, Hannah has developed a huge following on Instagram, featuring some of the most adorable photos of kittens you’ll ever see online, but she is about so much more than just cute photos. Shaw has become the go to expert on how to save and raise orphaned kittens. In addition to teaching neonatal kitten workshops at shelters around the country, her website and YouTube channel offer a wealth of resources on kitten care.Continue Reading

Review: Luis and Tabitha


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I love when publishers or authors send me children’s books. I wouldn’t think to look at them in a bookstore, but I’m finding that for a few minutes, they bring back a sense of fun and a lightness of being that tends to be in short supply in our “serious” adult lives.Continue Reading

Review: The Allergic Pet: Holistic Solutions to End the Allergy Epidemic in Our Dogs and Cats


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Allergies are an extreme reaction of the immune system to common substances in a cat’s every day environment. Feline allergies can be a frustrating problem for cat parents and veterinarians because they can be very challenging to diagnose correctly. Conventional treatments are often palliative at best, and sometimes aggravate the problem in the long run. In The Allergic Pet, holistic veterinarian Deva Khalsa, VMD, takes an indepth look at pet allergies.Continue Reading