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Review: KeeKee’s Big Adventure in Athens, Greece


I don’t often review children’s books, but the KeeKee’s Big Adventures series by Shannon Jones is so adorable, I wanted to share it with you. KeeKee is a calico cat who travels the world in a hot air balloon. Her previous stops included Paris and Rome.Continue Reading

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Review: Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes


For every rescued cat, there’s a story. Some rescue stories are heartwarming, inspiring and joyful. Some make you weep for what some cats had to endure before finding their forever home, and others make you marvel at the serendipity that is so often part of a rescue.

The twelve cats in Rescued, a collection of stories edited by Janiss Garza, the human behind the late Sparkle the Designer Cat and publisher of the Sparkle Cat blog, come from all sorts of backgrounds. They’re library cats, bloggers, and mystery stars. Their true life rescue stories are told in the cats’ voices.Continue Reading

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My Street Cats by Raphaella Bilski: Book Review 2023


Street cats, usually referred to as community cats or feral cats in this country, are very much a part of most communities, even though many people may not even notice them. These cats tend to live in alleys, hide in shrubbery or storm drains, and generally shy away from human contact. The number of community cats nationwide is estimated to be about 60 million. Considering that the estimated number of pet cats in the US is between 75 and 90 million, I find that number shockingly high.

Thankfully, there are caring individuals who do what they can to feed and provide basic health care for these cats. Continue Reading

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The Mediterranean Universe by John Newmeyer (2023 Review)


When you get an email from Julie Newmar, the original Catwoman, asking whether you would like to review ” a funny new book about cats written by my brother with me,” there is only one right answer. I was delighted to receive a copy of The Mediterranean Universe, along with a personal  note from Ms. Newmar.Continue Reading

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Catsong by T.J. Banks: Updated With More Stories


Catsong, a 2007 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award winner, is back with more stories, more poetry, and more – what else? – cats. This charming and delightful collection of stories about special cats and the impact they had on the author’s life celebrates the immense love, joy and comfort they have brought, each in his or her own individual and special way.Continue Reading

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Animal Tales: Create an Illustrated Storybook Featuring Your Cat


Animal Tales is one of the most fun apps I’ve come across. Created by the same folks who brought you the successful ResQWalk, this free IOS app allows you to create custom story books featuring your cats. The storybooks can be created and shared for free, or printed for $12 with 20% of proceeds going to animal rescue.

“Our vision with Animal Tales was to create a unique, easy to use product for animal lovers to have fun with,” said Animal Tales Founder Bailey Schroeder.  I got to try the app and created two books, one for Ruby and one for Allegra (I didn’t want one of them feel left out!)Continue Reading

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The Nine Lives of Christmas on Hallmark Channel


I have a confession to make: I have a soft spot for sappy holiday movies, and thanks to the Hallmark Channel, I can indulge this fondness from November 1 through December 31 each year. Most of the movies follow a pretty set pattern, as you would expect from the genre. Occasionally, they’ve featured movies with dogs, but this year, for the first time that I know of, there’s a movie featuring cats. And not just any movie: The Nine Lives of Christmas is based on the book of the same title by Sheila Roberts, which happens to be one of my favorite Christmas cat books.Continue Reading

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The Adventures of Coco Le Chat – Book Review

Coco Le Chat

In The Adventures of Coco Le Chat: The World’s Most Fashionable Feline, Coco, a tortoiseshell Cornish Rex cat, travels to New York City. Over the course of a week, this fashionable feline visits the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York City Ballet, Coney Island, Central Park, the Plaza Hotel, and, of course, being a feline fashionista, a number of famous department stores.Continue Reading

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Review: Lola: Diary of a Rescued Cat by Dawn White


When Dawn White first saw the photo of a sick, pathetic-looking tabby on Facebook, she was looking for a companion for her then almost three-year-old black and white Lexy. At the time, Lola was being cared for at Manhattan Cat Specialists after being rescued from a kill shelter. As happens to so many of us, there was something in Lola’s eyes that drew Dawn in. She visited Lola at the veterinary clinic, and it was, as she writes in Lola: Diary of a Rescue Cat, “the second best decision I ever made,” the first being, of course, adopting Lexy eight months earlier.Continue Reading

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Pawsitive Connection: Purrfect Endings


Written by Stacey Ritz

We save each other. I am grateful to experience the power of positive connection time and again throughout my life. I started rescuing stray and injured animals in need as soon as I could walk, so I suppose it has always been in my DNA to co-found an animal welfare organization to assist animals in need on a larger platform. As for my words- my parents recorded my first word as “talks a lot!” in my neatly kept baby book. They claim that once I started talking, I didn’t stop. I guess some things never change. I channel that raw spirit and energy into my writing, in an effort to share my experiences with you.

Life teaches us many lessons over the course of our years.Continue Reading

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