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Bernadette Kazmarski’s Tri-Color Girls Settling Down for a Nap: Get Your Free Digital Print


I’ve admired Bernadette Kazmarski’s art for a long time. I first introduced you to this supremely talented artist twelve years ago, and Bernadette and I have been friends ever since. She designed the covers for two of my books (Purrs of Wisdom and Adventures in Veterinary Medicine) and has been designing my annual Christmas cards for many years. And two years ago, a friend commissioned a very special painting of all of my cats from Bernadette.Continue Reading

King of Mice Studios: The Art of Carolee Clark


On March 17, which is the Feast of St. Gertrude of Nivelles, the patron saint of cats, I came across this beautiful painting on Facebook. The painting had gone viral, and I wanted to learn more about the artist, Carolee Clark. I’m delighted that she agreed to answer a few questions and share some of her beautiful cat paintings with us.Continue Reading

Gatos Ilimitados: Meet Cat Artist Adriana Gasperi


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Adriana Gasperi is an international artist referred to as “Gatos ilimitados” for her unique and popular portrayal of cats. The artist, who lives in Venezuela, is recognized for personifying the cherished feline and its multi-faceted personalities. Her art combines her lifelong interest in painting and drawing and her proficiency in color, design, and computer programs. She adorns the faces and bodies of her subjects with colorful designs inspired by Indian and Mexican motifs. Her paintings have been shown in one-person and group exhibitions worldwide. They include those held at Galería Intramuros in Caracas, Venezuela, the Cat Art Show Los Angeles, and the Tokyo International Art Fair 2016, among others. Her paintings are in numerous private collections in Europe, South America and the United States.Continue Reading

Angel Cat Art by Cheryl Kirsch


Cheryl Kirsch has been interested in art and the creative process since early childhood. As a preschooler, she rejected coloring books in order to create and color her own drawings. She has spent years studying a wide variety of media including oil painting, watercolors, acrylics, fiber arts, Chinese Brush painting, and painting on silk. Presently she works primarily with watercolors, acrylics, and torn paper collage, combining techniques from all the styles. Cheryl specializes in painting cats, animals, still lives, and spiritual landscapes.Continue Reading

Cat Art Show LA Comes Back for a Second Year in March

“Night Out,” by Marc Dennis. Oil on linen mounted panel, 2013

Those of us who love cats already know that cats are works of art. Susan Michal, the curator of CatCon LA, brought together 104 works of art in the forms of painting, sculptures and even a quilt for the inaugural show in 2014. The sequel, Cat Art Show LA 2, will be even bigger and feature more than 70 globally-recognized artists. All of the artwork will be available for sale including both originals and limited editions and a portion of the proceeds will go to Kitten Rescue.Continue Reading

Art Inspired by Cats: Meet Cathi Marro, Musician, Artist and Consummate Cat Lover


Cathi Marro is a professional free-lance musician, educator and artist. She specializes in flute and alto flute, playing in several ensembles ranging from classical symphony orchestras, to flute choirs, rock bands, sacred ensembles and even a performance art troupe. Four fabulous cats and a patient husband allow her to live with them in the Miami, Florida area. Daily cat painting is an important part of her day.Continue Reading

5 Cat Artists to Watch

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Cats are the most beautiful and mysterious creatures on the planet, and it’s no wonder that they’ve been an inspiration to artists for centuries. From hieroglyphs on tomb walls in ancient Egypt to digital artists today, cats have been immortalized in paintings, photography, sculpture and design.

Contemporary cat artists use mediums ranging from oil to water color to digital photography to capture cat’s allure, charm and grace.

In a recent article on, I introduced five cat artists that bear watching this year and in the years to come. Click here to read the article.

Art Inspired by Cats: Meet French Artist Raphael Vavasseur


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Raphaël Vavasseur’s unique cat paintings captured my attention on Facebook, and I wanted to learn more about this talented artist, and where his inspiration for these stunningly gorgeous paintings comes from. I’m delighted to introduce you to Raphaël and his art today. Raphaël Vavasseur spent the first 25 years of his life in Paris, France, where he also went to graphic design and art school. He eventually interrupted his studies and focused on creating and becoming self-taught in both computer graphics and painting. Feeling a need for nature and more space, he moved to the countryside of Normandy. The tranquility and fresh air of this bucolic region of France promote his creativity. Continue Reading

Cats are Part of the Family Business for Artist Deborah Julian


Deborah Julian has lived and worked in New York City for over twenty years, working as a photographer, innovative artist and art gallery director. She graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with honors and a degree in Art History. For the last ten years, she has been the director of a fine arts gallery in Manhattan and has continued to sell and exhibit her photographs.

Art and photography were Deborah’s primary passions for many years—until her heart was captured by a smart, funny cat named George. It was love at first sight from the moment they saw each other at the Humane Society of New York. She has since adopted two other terrific cats, Billy and Sammy. Her cats have become part of her art work as she creates colorful, whimsical images.Continue Reading

Giveaway: win an autographed copy of Cat Laughs by Gary Patterson


Last week, I introduced you to Gary Patterson and his whimsical paintings of cats. His distinctive style captures cats’ essence in ways that will inevitably make you smile.

I’m delighted to be able to offer an autographed copy of Gary’s book Cat Laughs to five lucky winners! Gary presents the funny side of felines in this little volume, and anyone who likes a great laugh will enjoy this catnip-worthy collection of cat comedy. The book is hard to find and is considered a collector’s item.

To enter the giveaway, Continue Reading

Gary Patterson captures cats’ unique essence


As far as artists go, Gary Patterson is probably a household name in America. You may not know him by name, but I’m pretty sure that at some point, you’ve come across his distinctive artwork in some shape or form. Since some of Gary’s whimsical paintings feature cats, I wanted to learn more about the man behind the smiles.

Gary Patterson is one of America’s best loved artists, and his work is enjoyed and collected throughout the world. Born and raised in California, Gary submerged himself in the world of art as a child. He was influenced by his father’s artistic ability and was encouraged by his family to formally pursue his artistic ability. During his career, Gary has achieved numerous prestigious awards.

I had a chance to ask Gary a few questions, and I’m delighted to introduce this wonderful artist to you today.Continue Reading