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Review: Caticons: 4,000 Years of Art Imitating Cats


What if you had an (almost) unlimited budget to surround yourself with art, furniture, clothing, accessories, household objects, books and pretty much anything else cat related? You would have Caticons!

Caticons: 4,000 Years of Art Imitating Cats chronicles Sandy Lerner’s 30-year-journey through art catalogues, the far corners of the world and the internet for the one “cat thing” she did not already have. Lerner is best known as the founder of Urban Decay and co-founder of tech company Cisco Systems. She is a huge animal lover and promoter of animal welfare, and has established Ayrshire Farm and its retail division, Gentle Harvest, to promote sustainable and humane anti-factory farming. She is getting ready to launch MeatMe, a line of 100% meat based raw pet food sourced and made from humanely raised animals (more information about MeatMe right here on The Conscious Cat very soon!) Continue Reading

Review: The Book of the Cat: Cats in Art


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Cats have been subjects for artists since ancient times, and it’s no wonder. After all, with their beauty, grace and independence, combined with an air of mystery, cats are endlessly fascinating. The Book of the Cat: Cats in Art celebrates the beauty of cat by featuring cat art from all over the world from artists past and present.

Karen Hollingsworth, Connected, 2010

From Edward Hopper to Édouard Manet, this book features paintings in a wide range of artistic styles. Some of the paintings are whimsical caricatures, others are more traditional, gorgeous renderings of equally gorgeous cats.

Nobi suru neko (Cat With a Stretch), 2014

This book is sure to delight cat and art lovers.

The Book of the Cat is available from Amazon.

Interior images ©The Book of the Cat by Angus Hyland and Caroline Roberts, published by Laurence King. used with permission

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The Conscious Cat 2016 Holiday Gift Guide


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Welcome to The Conscious Cat 2016 Holiday Gift Guide – your one stop shopping solution for all the cats and cat lovers on your holiday gift list! This year’s guide features some of the best products for cats and cat lovers on the market. And even better: many of the companies featured are offering exclusive discounts to Conscious Cat readers!

You’ll find gifts ranging from cat furniture to toys to art to products for your home as well as some gift ideas you may not have thought of. I can guarantee you that you’ll find something to delight every kitty and every cat lover in your life. And by buying these products, you’ll not only get some really wonderful gifts, you’ll also support small businesses, many of them run out of the owners’ homes.Continue Reading

Giveaway: Tortoiseshell Cat Angel Tree Topper


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Laura Anglemoyer, the artist behind KittyCat Studio, creates beautiful and unique handmade cat items ranging from ornaments to picture frames to food bowls and much, much more. Her whimsical creations are sure to bring a smile to your face, and they all make purrfect gifts. Laurel can even create custom made items from photos of your cats.Continue Reading

Felted Wool Cat Bags and Ceramic Signs from Show Me a Little Sign


I recently introduced you to Chery, the amazing woman who rescued nine cats who were living in a church parking lot with a homeless woman. You’ve learned about Chery’s huge heart, her compassion, and the love she has for her nine foster cats. Chery also has four cats of her own.

Today, I’d like to show you a different side of Chery. Chery is also an accomplished artist and crafter who makes adorable felted wool bags and ceramic signs featuring whimsical and inspirational messages.Continue Reading

Angel Cat Art by Cheryl Kirsch


Cheryl Kirsch has been interested in art and the creative process since early childhood. As a preschooler, she rejected coloring books in order to create and color her own drawings. She has spent years studying a wide variety of media including oil painting, watercolors, acrylics, fiber arts, Chinese Brush painting, and painting on silk. Presently she works primarily with watercolors, acrylics, and torn paper collage, combining techniques from all the styles. Cheryl specializes in painting cats, animals, still lives, and spiritual landscapes.Continue Reading

Cat Art Show LA Comes Back for a Second Year in March

“Night Out,” by Marc Dennis. Oil on linen mounted panel, 2013

Those of us who love cats already know that cats are works of art. Susan Michal, the curator of CatCon LA, brought together 104 works of art in the forms of painting, sculptures and even a quilt for the inaugural show in 2014. The sequel, Cat Art Show LA 2, will be even bigger and feature more than 70 globally-recognized artists. All of the artwork will be available for sale including both originals and limited editions and a portion of the proceeds will go to Kitten Rescue.Continue Reading

Art Inspired by Cats: Meet Cathi Marro, Musician, Artist and Consummate Cat Lover


Cathi Marro is a professional free-lance musician, educator and artist. She specializes in flute and alto flute, playing in several ensembles ranging from classical symphony orchestras, to flute choirs, rock bands, sacred ensembles and even a performance art troupe. Four fabulous cats and a patient husband allow her to live with them in the Miami, Florida area. Daily cat painting is an important part of her day.Continue Reading

Custom Pen and Ink Cat Drawings by Inspurration


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Ever since photographer and artist Kelsey Levine was a little girl, she has loved animals, particularly cats. A few years ago, Kelsey started volunteering with a local animal rescue, fostering homeless cats and kittens in need of a place to stay before finding their forever homes. Since then,Kelsey has found homes for nearly 100 felines in need. “Rescuing animals is an incredibly rewarding experience,” says Levine. “I am grateful for the opportunity to save lives every day.”

Kelsey’s rescue cats were the “inspurration” for her art.Continue Reading

Prince Pangur Ban the Fluffy: The Collected Series


I first “met” Prince Pangur Ban two years ago, when Holly contacted me because he had been having issues with a sensitive tummy and some itchiness. In the course of our initial conversation, I found out that Pangur is not only a stunningly handsome and much loved Himalayan, he is also the star of his own comic strip.

From 2011 to 2015, Holly shared Pangur’s life with her wonderful, silly puff of fluff on her webcomic page, and now, she is collecting all of the strips for a full color paperback book. She’ll also add a few new, never before seen comics created just for the book. I am in awe of Holly’s ability to capture Pangur’s personality with just a few strokes of a pen, and I was delighted when she asked me to write the foreword for the book.


The book will be published as a Limited Edition, and is sure to become a collector’s item. It will only be available to Kickstarter backers and clients of Holly’s studio. You can pre-order the book on Kickstarter and receive some amazing perks, ranging from a signed edition of the book to t-shirts, pens and totebags featuring Prince Pangur. A limited number of backers will receive a cartoon or watercolor portrait of their cat. Holly will even create a brand new comic strip featuring you and your cat – this perk is only available for ten lucky backers. Here’s a sample of one of the many perks:


For more information about the book and the perks, please visit Holly’s Kickstarter page.

Check out the adorable cartoon of Allegra and Ruby,
drawn by the amazingly talented Holly G