cat art

Digital Custom Watercolor Cat Portrait


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Custom portraits are a lovely way to honor or remember a beloved cat. These digital watercolor portraits by Florida based artist Elena Fick are beautiful and inexpensive, making them a lovely gift to yourself or a friend. And Mother’s Day is right around the corner!Continue Reading

Bernadette Kazmarski’s Tri-Color Girls Settling Down for a Nap: Get Your Free Digital Print


I’ve admired Bernadette Kazmarski’s art for a long time. I first introduced you to this supremely talented artist twelve years ago, and Bernadette and I have been friends ever since. She designed the covers for two of my books (Purrs of Wisdom and Adventures in Veterinary Medicine) and has been designing my annual Christmas cards for many years. And two years ago, a friend commissioned a very special painting of all of my cats from Bernadette.Continue Reading

Support Artists in Ukraine with Digital Downloads


The images and news coming out of Ukraine are beyond distressing and heartbreaking. Anxiety, anger, helplesness, hopelessness, anger, and numbness – these are just some of the emotions we may be feeling as we follow news coverage of the war. It’s important to stay informed, but you may need to limit your news exposure to preserve your mental health, which for many of us may already be frayed after the last two years of constant stress caused by the pandemic.Continue Reading

Stained Glass Cat Suncatchers


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Aren’t you glad that I was shopping on Etsy again, because otherwise you might not know about these gorgeous stained glass suncatchers! Aren’t they stunning? I love how the artist designed them so it looks like the cat is peeking into your window.Continue Reading

Crochet Cats Make Purrfect Gifts


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I came across these adorable crochet cats on my Etsy travels, and I just had to share them with you. Handmade from acrylic yawn, these little cats measure between 4.5 and 5.5 inches, and will make the purrfect decroation for your desk, shelf, or anywhere you need a little smile.Continue Reading

Ceramic Cat Dishes


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I love finding unique cat items on Etsy, and when I came across these beautiful ceramic cat dishes by an Italian artist, I just had to share them with you.Continue Reading

A Very Special Portrait from Pet Portrait Artist Alison Mayes


When pet portrait artist Alison Mayes contacted me and asked whether she could draw my beautiful Allegra in exchange for being featured on The Conscious Cat, I didn’t hesitate. After taking a look at some of Alison’s drawings in her Etsy shop, I knew that her style would suit my beautiful girl purrfectly.Continue Reading