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Remember Me Thursday® Contest: Enter your Rescue Cat’s Story and Win Food and Money for Your Favorite Shelter or Rescue


Created by the Helen Woodward Animal Center, Remember Me Thursday®, which is observed on September 24, has touched over 1 billion people across the world by advocating for pet adoption. The organization’s annual Remember Me Thursday® contest gives back to the organizations who perform life-saving work every single day.Continue Reading

A Tail of Two Kitties: Contactless Cat Adoption During the Pandemic


Guest post by Harry Shubin

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… if you are an animal rescuer. As municipal shelters closed to the public, they besieged rescues with requests to take cats. However, with adoption events suspended and PetSmart adoption centers closed, the ability for rescues to find homes for any of those animals seemed out of reach. Yet, when the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington (FFGW) put out a plea for fosters for the cats we already had at our center at PetSmart, we were flooded with offers – and ended up with more potential fosters than we had cats. Continue Reading

Choosing T-Bone


Guest post by Lucy Burdette
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I’ve had a cat in my life ever since the year I turned 13. I wanted two things for my birthday that year–Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees, and a kitten. My mother was wise enough to agree to the kitten. It was January, though, and not the kitten season. She found one who’d been returned to the pound by his adoptive family. We called him Tigger, and I still have the receipt stamped “No Refund.”Continue Reading

Adopting After Losing a Cat


Guest post by Sarah Chauncey

After the death of a beloved cat, it can be hard to believe we could ever open our hearts and homes to another. While it’s true that each cat (and our bond with them) is unique, keeping our hearts closed to future felines means we can wind up dwelling on the loss, rather than exploring new bonds.Continue Reading

Does Your Senior Cat Really Want a Younger Companion?


I frequently get questions from readers who are looking to add a new cat to their family. How do I find a cat that will be a good match for my cat? Should I get a cat who’s the same age as my resident cat, or should I get a kitten? Male or female? Will the resident cat accept the newcomer? I wish I could give definitive answers to all of these questions, but the reality is that while you can do some homework, ultimately, each cat’s unique history and personality will determine the outcome. And these questions are even harder to answer when it comes to deciding whether to get a companion for a senior cat. Continue Reading

How Hurricane Irma Was the Ticket to a Forever Home for This Lucky Cat


When Bernadette stopped at the Ormond Beach, FL pet supermarket on Labor Day weekend to stock up on food for 15-year-old Lucy to prepare for Hurricane Irma, she certainly did not expect to come home with another cat. She and Lucy were still mourning the loss of Diz, who died suddenly a month ago, just three days before his 18th birthday. But, as she does at every visit to the pet supermarket, Bernadette stopped to visit the rescue cats at the store. That weekend, the Halifax Humane Society had doubled up the cages in anticipation of the storm.Continue Reading

Mimosa’s Story: A Tortoiseshell Mother Cat’s Love


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Editor’s note: Mimosa’s foster mom, who wanted to remain anonymous, shared Mimosa’s story with me.

At the end of January, a very pregnant stray cat was brought to the local pound. She was a stray and had been wandering alone, trying to survive the bitter cold, until someone found her and surrendered her to the shelter. I knew her kittens would be vulnerable to infection at the pound, so as soon as the shelter staff called me, I rushed over to pick her up. The very next day, Mimosa’s five tiny kittens were born – as if she were waiting for a safe place to have them.Continue Reading

Jackson Galaxy Launches Cat Pawsitive Class of 2017


Jackson Galaxy has been on a mission to improve cats’ lives for most of his life. Thanks to his show My Cat From Hell, cat guardians around the world are learning from the challenging cases he deals with on the show. But Jackson doesn’t just want to change house cats’ lives, he wants to make life better for all cats, which is why he formed the Jackson Galaxy Foundation in 2014. The foundation is the realization of Jackson’s long-standing dream of bettering the lives of animals at risk and helping the people who care for them.Continue Reading