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We all adore our cats, but they certainly know how to worry us at times! If yours has ever gone missing, you’ll know exactly how terrifying it can be for the whole family. But the look on their face as they stroll back through the door after you’ve been tearing your hair out with worry is a picture, as if to say “what’s all the fuss about, I’m here, aren’t I?”

The Tabcat tracking device gives cat parents the ability to swiftly find their cat, whether she’s just hiding inside your home, or whether she’s truly lost.

Who is Tabcat

Loc8tor, the company which brings you Tabcat, has been designing the location and tracking devices for various products for over 12 years. They wanted to develop a tracking device for cats that uses radio frequency technology instead of the typical GPS systems, which can be heavy, and, due to monthly data costs, quite expensive.


How Tabcat works

Tabcat comes in two parts: a handset (the size of a credit card), and a tag. The tag is placed inside a splash-proof silicone case, which is easily attached to the cat’s collar. To locate the cat, simply activate the handset by pressing the button, and a signal will be emitted from the tag to the handset. With both visual and audio cues, the Tabcat device gives the owner an indication of where and how far away the cat is. A single red light indicates the cat is in range. As he gets closer, amber and then green buttons light up. At the same, time the sound will get louder, the closer he gets.


In addition to locating the cat, Tabcat can even be used to train the cat to come home. Using food treats or tit-bits, you can get your cat to understand that when you press the button on the cat tracking handset to find them, that they will get a treat. This is often enough for most cats to start their journey home, meaning that you don’t even need to get up out of your armchair to call them in!

Tabcat Features

The Tabcat tag weighs only 6 grams, making it extremely comfortable for the cat. It has a range of 400 feet, which enables tracking the cat over a good distance. Most missing cats don’t stray far from their home territory. The device is accurate to a distance of 2.5cm, so that even if he has strayed over a fence, under a floorboard, or even hiding in a bush, you can track him.

With over 10,000 devices sold worldwide, Tabcat gives owners the peace of mind that they can track and find their cat. Visit for more information.

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