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The variety of alternative litters on the market now is growing every day. From corn to pine to walnut shells, I find it fascinating what manufacturers are coming up with.

I’m well aware of the controversy around traditional clay litter, but I’ve found that many cats don’t like the alternative litters. And ultimately, if your cat won’t use a litter, it’s no good, no matter how environmentally friendly it may be!

SwheatScoop, a wheat based natural clumping litter, has been on the market for more than two decades. It is made from ground wheat, which contains two natural properties (a starch and an enzyme) that make the product clump, as well as exposing enzymes in the kernel which react with the enzymes in the cat waste to neutralize each other.

I liked that this litter is fragrance-free. While it wasn’t completely dust-free, it didn’t create large amounts of dust, which I found acceptable.

Unfortunately, neither Allegra nor Ruby would use this litter. I put this litter in one of our two litter boxes, and neither of the girls used it even once in the week I had it out. I did test the litter with water, and it clumped extremely well, and was easy to scoop. Since the girls didn’t use it, I can’t comment on either odor control or on whether it tracks a lot.

So while I really like this litter in theory, my two little product testers have minds of their own, and when it comes to litter, their opinion wins over mine. However, this may be the perfect litter for your cats, and here’s your chance to try a bag for your household.

For more information about SwheatScoop, click here.

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