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I almost declined when I first received the pitch to review a toy called KittyWhip. It just seemed like such an awful name for a cat toy. But once I took a look at the toys, I decided to accept – and I’m so glad I did.

At first glance, these toys don’t look like much. A string on a stick – how exciting could this possibly be? Well, let me cut to the chase: of all the wand toys we have in our home (and we have a lot of them,) few others have held Allegra’s interest like these.


A safe alternative to playing with string and ribbons, these toys are made with quality craftsmanship and provide countless hours of enjoyment and exercise of chasing and “hunting” for your kitty. Rugged construction ensures this cat toy will not bend, break or wear out like plastic toys.


The toys are handcrafted in the USA from 100% natural and sustainable materials. They come in different models: a thin cotton cord, a leather cord, a thicker sisal rope and a “junior” version for small kittens.

We love these wands so much that we selected them for our Product of the Year.

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For more information and to purchase, visit KittyWhip’s Etsy shop. 

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