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One of my greatest summer pleasures is spending time outside with a good book. Whether it’s on my deck, in a sidewalk cafe, or a park, there’s just something about reading outdoors that makes one of my favorite pastimes even more special.

Even though book sales have soared during the pandemic, there’s been a notable absence of new cat books. I typically get dozens of pitches to review new books throughout the year. So far, I’ve only gotten a handful, and of those, not many sounded like quality titles.

So, given the lack of new books to review, I thought I’d share some favorites from past years to add to your summer reading list. I hope you’ll discover something new.


The Travelling Cat Chronicles is a beautifully written novel about Nana the cat and his human Satoru. This is a book about friendship, family, and connection, and about taking joy in the small, simple things.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles is available from Amazon.


This second book in Clea Simon’s Witch Cats of Cambridge series, which mixes mystery with a touch of the paranormal and a little romance, was just as irresistible as the first one. If you enjoy feline-centric mysteries, fantasy, and a touch of magic and romance, you will love this series.

An Incantation of Cats is available from Amazon.


From cats wiggling their butts before they pounce to seeing your cat sleeping in a sun puddle to bringing home a new toy that your cat will actually play with, this little book reminds us that even in a world turned upside down, cats will always give us a reason to smile. Interspersed with charming illustrations, this uplifting treasure of a book is a must have for cat lovers. At a time when there’s so much bad news everywhere, The Book of PAWSOME offers the purrfect respite from the outside world.

The Book of PAWSOME is available from Amazon.


Siamese Cat Rescue is one of the largest and most successful breed specific rescue organizations in the US. Based in Virginia, the group has saved over 12,000 cats in 15 states over the last 20 years, and is still going strong. In this personal memoir, founder Siri Zwemke’s shares how her love for Siamese cats ended up becoming a full time job.

Rescue Meez is available from Amazon.

If you need more recommendations, you can find twelve years worth of book reviews here.

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