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I just can’t get enough of James Bowen and his Street Cat Named Bob. I’ve been following the pair ever since the first book was published in 2012. Watching this rags to riches story of an orange cat changing James Bowen’s life from down on his luck drug addict to bestselling author unfold has been pure joy.

Starting tomorrow (in the UK), and November 18 (in limited release in the US), the story of James and Bob is coming to the big screen. James will be played by British actor Luke Treadaway, and Bob will play himself. James was actively involved in the making of the movie as Bob’s “handler,” and will be making a cameo appearance.

Unfortunately, the movie is only released to a limited number of theaters in the US, but here’s hoping that it’ll do so well that it will end up in more theaters eventually.  Here’s a list of theaters that will show the movie:

New York, NY Village East
Phoenix, AZ Shea
Cape Ann, MA Cape Ann Cinema
New Orleans, LA Zeitgeist Theater
Pasadena, CA Playhouse 7
Santa Monica, CA Monica 4
Berkeley, CA Shattuck
San Francisco, CA Opera Plaza
Albuquerque, NM High Ridge 8
Austin, TX Arbor Cinemas
Charlotte, NC Ballantyne Village
Irvine, CA Westpark 8
Knoxville, TN Downtown West
Portland, OR Fox Tower
Santa Fe, CA De Vargas 6
Boca Raton, FL Shadowood 166
Sarasota, FL Hollywood 20
Palm Springs, CA Rancho Mirage 15
Las Vegas, NV Village Square 18
Washington, DC Landmark Westend Theater

Sadly, there’s no release date near me, so I’ll be waiting with many of you, hoping for a wider release.

Source: Cleopatra Music and Films

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  1. Good news for those of us who couldn’t see the movie at theaters: it’s now available from Amazon Instant Video! More info here:

  2. A friend from Phildephia, Pa. said he saw this movie was going to be at Ritz at the Bourse, 400 Ranstead Street, Philadephia, Pa. and or 4th and Chesnut street there. The phone # is 215 440 1181 after 1PM, 12/29/16 . I will be calling.

  3. The lucky people who got to see this movie had only very good things to say about it. I am hoping it comes out on DVD.

  4. Have been waiting forever for Bob to come to local theaters. I hope it gets released to more theaters as it’s only in one city in this state and not close.

  5. I am losing hope this movie is ever coming to Canada…. how dumb… why limit it to only certain theatres???? I love you, Bob!!!

    • I find it hard to believe that with so many animal lovers out there, that they are not releasing everywhere.Especially because this is about a true story. we all love Bob and James.

      • Has anyone started a petition to get bob played in more theater If not, maybe someone who knows how to go about getting one started please do so. Bob is just so cool.

        • As hard as it sounds, let’s wait a bit as I am sure there will be releases worldwide. I think a petition would be an insult to Bob & James. For such an inspirational, beautiful story, let’s not muck it up with petitions. Not everything can be instantaneously. I know, I know I am so looking forward to this movie. I think you can see it on demand. Check Google. Happily & eagerly waiting along with you all! Peace & God Bless!❤️

    • The director was born in Ottawa – why such a film would be released in Kuwait, Bulgaria, etc. and not Canada is absolutely a travesty! We are so depressed and disappointed as we’ve been looking forward to this for over a year!!! We’re not happy 🙁

      • I have contacted theaters here in Illinois. The reason they won’t play it is that it is unrated. There is ONE small theater near Chicago that is currently showing the movie. Tried to contact Sony Pictures to remedy this but couldn’t find a contact. You think with the popularity of the book and future DVD and soundtrack sales they would push for more theaters to show this movie.

        • Ah, unrated…that will be something the film company and each country’s film institute will need to resolve. I am sure there are very difficult scenes involving James & his struggles. Children love cats & may even know about Bob. The movie may have to make some adjustments if children are allowed to see it or give a rating where children cannot. I’m praying all those movie experts are working on the ins & outs. The waiting is the hardest part…& exciting, too. Before cell phones & internet, this thing called waiting in anticipation was part of our everyday experience. Patience. Peace.

    • Never lose hope…Bob sure didn’t when he came into James’ life. The world knows this beautiful story & in time I am sure it will get released to more locations. The US 11/18 single show might have been a test to see if Americans love it. Bob is a gift to James and their story is a gift to us, which we will see hopefully in the near future. Peace & God Bless you! ❤️

      • Unfortunately, after contacting Cineplex about the movie, they showed me a list of release dates by country. Canada isn’t even on the list. I do know you can pre order the DVD/Blu Ray on Amazon UK and they ship to Canada. I really wanted to see it on the Big Screen!

        • Make sure the DVD format is compatible, Kristine. I know European formats and US formats are not, I’m not sure about Canada.

      • Street Cat Bob movie is coming to another theater in Chicago on Jan. 20th!
        It is the Gene Siskel Film Center in downtown. Keep looking to see if it will appear near you.

        • Thank you Michelle I will keep looking to see if it plays near me.If not I will be watching it on DVD.

  6. So not fair that this film isn’t even making it to Chicago. Why does the Midwest get omitted??!! We all love Bob, too!!!!

    • I live in northern Indiana and there is nothing even remotely close to me. The Midwest loves Bob too! I thought at least maybe Chicago, Detroit, or Indianapolis, but no.

      • HI Tami,
        I’m also in northern Indiana and many of us here could really use a dose of James and Bob to chase the blues away. I am so surprised that this heart-lifting story is not playing in Midwest, the Heartland of the USA ! Millions of cat-lovers live here !

    • ITS NOW PLAYING at the Wilmette Theater (a suburb north of Chicago)

      A lot of the theaters I contacted won’t play it because it is unrated.

      Can’t wait to see the movie! Loved the book!


    • Just saw the movie in Wilmette (northern suburb of Chicago). ONLY 4 people were in the theater. Its a shame because it was a great movie- loved Bob and the music. Only staying until Dec.8th GET THE WORD OUT FOR BOB FANS NEAR CHICAGO!

      • Oh, how disappointing. Low attendance like that is not going to help the movie get wider distribution! I did hear rumors that it will be available on DVD in January, and as soon as I can confirm this, I’ll post here.

          • cool, my friend said she is going to pre order the movie .I can’t wait to see it.Just love the story.I hope that they hurry and put it out on DVD

      • I saw the movie in London and have been to the Wilmette theater 3 times to bring different people to see it. It just needs promotion!

        • Thanks Michelle. I have told all of my friends too! Hopefully, the word will spread because I don’t think much was spent on advertising/promotion. It is also obvious that the funds to obtain a rating for the film through the Classification and Rating Administration were not invested as well.

          Thank goodness for this forum and people like you for promoting this film!

  7. I read that it is playing in Berkeley at one theater and in San Francisco in one theater. I will go see it in Berkeley but I really was hoping it was going to be playing at one of the theaters ten minutes from my home. I hope they change their minds and play it at other theaters.Bob is such a. cool cat.Also have any of you read the true story about Homer the cat? I also had a cat that looked a lot like Homer .She also had to have her eyes removed but she got around her room just fine.She past away earlier this year .I had her for about 13 or 14 years.Her name was spunky monkey blind kitty.Miss her.

    • If it’s due to be an Unrated film, my guess is that the big movie chains are holding out. I have noticed that the film is being played in indie theatres & not all major cities were listed for the 11/18 showing. This is only my guess, so please do not take verbatim.

  8. Can we begin a petition here to get them to show the film all over the US and other locations as well? I mean, it’s got to start somewhere, right?

    • I would also love to see the movie playing at more movie theaters.I read the book recently and started watching the you tube videos on Bob and James.I just love that cat and the story between him and James.Yes I would sign a petition.

    • Ladies, a petition would be an insult to both Bob & James. It appears that the movie is Unrated & in USA that could present a problem. If Netflix is already taking orders for the DVD, then perhaps we would be able to see it. Leave it to the movie producers & the film industry to work it out. If you do move forward with such, I suggest you target our film industry & the people involved with setting ratings…Google it. I just do not think the film makers or Bob & James should be a target. The issue appears to be with our film rating system. Waiting, too! Peace.

      • Any petitions would have to be directed at Sony Pictures, not James and Bob, but I agree with you, Amanda – patience is probably the best approach.

      • Yes I agree, I would never put the blame on James and Bob.I am sure that they would also like to see it playing wide spread.

  9. So glad for the article, I’ve been waiting for the USA release. One correction, the De Vargas 6 theater is in Santa Fe, New Mexico; not California. Thank you!

  10. I had no idea it wasn’t opening wide release until I saw your post (that a fellow cat lover shared). I am so excited to go see this movie on Friday! I am fortunate enough to live within 10 minutes of one of these theaters. I really hope they do a bigger release shortly after the 18th.

      • I just came from seeing the movie and loved it. Bob is wonderful. I just sent an email to the distributor asking why it’s such a limited distribution. In case anyone is interested – Paladin Film in NYC, Mark Urman – [email protected]

      • I am disappointed that it hasn’t been released in more areas.I will go see it .I just wish it was a little closer to home.I read one of the books and loved it.I hope the movie will play in more theaters soon.I just loved the story and of course Bob and James.

        • You are at least lucky its just a bit far from your home – my entire country where the director is born is not even releasing it over here! We are heartbroken. We met Bob and james in London in 2010 and read all his books – couldn’t wait for the movie to come to Toronto (home of the international film festival) only to be told its not being released here! So aggravating. We are so sad.

          • Amazing. This great movie made it to little Knoxville, but they couldn’t find a place for it in Toronto?

  11. I just saw on E! News, that Kate Middleton aka Duchess of Cambridge was at the A Street Cat Named Bob tonight and Bob was there. She is seen petting Bob.

  12. Breaking News. I saw this on E! News, that Kate Middleton was at The Street Cat Named Bob tonight. Bob was there and she is seen petting Bob. Go to E! News.

  13. Hi everyone, travel to where they are showing if they are not coming to your nearest theatres. I am sure you will not regret and it would be fun.

    I am from Malaysia and not sure whether they are even showing here. I met Bob and James in England during one of their book signing events and it was the best trip I have ever made. James was fantastic, very humble and very very shy. Bob was grumpy, having to travel by train from London to Reading. Most memorable trip of my life, love them.

  14. Does anyone know how we can petition to get the movie in a theater in the Washington DC area or any area for that matter.

  15. I hope it reaches Canada. I would love to see this movie. I think it would be a bit of a distance to travel to NY!!

    • I came here seeking to find where in Canada I could see it too but it looks like I will have to wait for a bit to see where it makes it. Such a shame that it is only being shown in so few places so far….

  16. Shoot…nothing near me either. Hopefully the attention will get it a wider release. LOVE the trailer!

  17. Well darn! I thought it was going to be released everywhere. No theater near me is showing it either and I can’t drive 5 hours (one way) just for a movie. I loved all of the books. James and Bob’s story is incredible. It is really disappointing that it’s not going to be shown everywhere.

  18. I read 3 of the books 3 times each. I pray it will come to my area. I really very much want to see this. I love Bob. I also love Homer and all cats.

    • I can’t and don”t want to believe This movie is not coming to all major movie places. Nine Lives was shown in our local movie places and that movie was rather boring and not even true. To see the Bob movie, I have to take a bus to and from NYC and taxi fares to and from the movie place. This is a 4 hour hour round trip. I have told alot of people about this movie.

      • Believe me, Patricia, I have considered taking the train up to New York to go see it (I live near Washington DC,) but for now, I’m going to wait a week or two after the US release to see if it’ll come to more theaters. I’m not ruling out a road trip to go see it, though!

  19. This is bound to be a huge success I think and there will be great excitement tonight at the cinema in London – attended by the Duchess of Cambridge no less (hope she likes cats!) so a great honour really. Not sure if Bob himself will be there, would be lovely if he was but I hope he’s not going to be over-exposed. Good luck to them all though. Pity (I’m writing from the UK) it’s on limited release in the States but hopefully that will change if it is a roaring success as we all hope it will be. Man and cat have done wonders for each other and like you, Ingrid, many of us have read the books and followed the progress of them

    • I saw that the Duchess of Cambridge will be attending – so cool! I bet Bob will be at the premiere – he seems to take all his public appearances in stride. I still hope that one day, he’ll come to the US.

      • Margaret, since you are writing from the UK, we will be looking forward to your review when you see this movie.

  20. Going on Saturday Ingrid, so excited! I can’t believe you can’t get to see it near you. Let’s hope it gets a wider release soon 🙂

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