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How is your holiday shopping coming along? If you still need gift ideas, check out our Holiday Gift Guide. USPS’s First Class and Priority Mail shipping deadline for items to arrive on time for Christmas is December 20, so most vendors will still be able to get your gifts to you or the intended recipient in time for the holiday. If you need some last minute idea for small stocking stuffers, may I suggest the following:

Catit Creamy Treats


These lickable creamy treats contain only a few simple, natural ingredients. They can be fed as a treat directly out of the tube, or served up on a dish. They are available in three flavors: chicken and liver, salmon, and scallop. The treats are available from Amazon. Read our review here.

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Space Kitty Express Leopard Kick Stick


For cats who either don’t respond to catnip, or cats who would like an alternative to catnip, Space Kitty Express offers adorable toys filled with lemongrass, honeysuckle, silver vine, and valerian root, including this generously sized Leopard Kick Stick with Tassles. Read our review here.

For more information and to purchase, visit the SpaceKitty Express Etsy shop

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This robotic cat toy moves like real prey and navigates around obstacles in random patterns, keeping kitty’s interest for the long haul. Tip: put the Hexbug inside a laundry basket or the bathtub to vary the game. The Hexbug comes in many different colors and is available from Amazon.

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Cat Ornaments


Laura Anglemoyer, the artist behind KittyCat Art Studio, creates beautiful and unique handmade cat items ranging from ornaments to picture frames to food bowls and much, much more. Her whimsical creations are sure to bring a smile to your face, and they all make purrfect gifts. To purchase, please visit Laura’s Etsy Shop.

Christmas Cat Books


Books make wonderful stocking stuffers. Who doesn’t love a new book or two to curl up with over the holidays? Click here for more information about the books pictured above.

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