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Slow down, you move too fast
you’ve got to make the morning last
just kickin’ down the cobble stones
looking for fun and feeling groovy.

Remember the old Simon and Garfunkel Song (The 59th Street Bridge Song)?  Do you move too fast through your days, or do you take the time to kick the cobble stones and feel groovy?

When I rush through my days without being fully present in each moment, I feel like time has passed me by.  I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything, and at the end of the day, I just feel exhausted.  It’s easy to get caught up in this mode of being – we all have to do lists that are a mile long, and demands on our time are coming at us from all directions.  When days are that full, it becomes even more important to slow down and remind ourselves to stay in the moment.

Animals are masters at this.  That’s what they do – they live in each moment.  Need some help to remind you to slow down?  Take a break.  Take a few moments to pet your cat or dog.  It will slow you down and remind you that life is not to be rushed through, but  to be savored.

Slow down today.  You may just end up feeling groovy!

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