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While the cat carrier may not be your cat’s favorite place, it is an important part of your cat’s life, and it can be vital in an emergency.  Unfortunately, for most cats, the only time they’re in a carrier is when they have to go to the veterinarian, so the association with carriers is often a negative and stressful one. Because the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed is so much more than just a carrier, it eliminates the negative association and makes vet visits easier for both cats and vets.

I’m excited to announce that Sleepypod has partnered with Fear Free to launch the Fear Free Happy Homes edition line of products. Fear Free offers online education and resources for veterinary professionals and pet parents to “take the ‘pet’ out of petrified” and improve both the physical and emotional health of pets at home, at the vet, and everywhere in between.

“Safety is at the core of Sleepypod products, but innovation is what truly distinguishes each Sleepypod pet product design,” says Michael Leung, Sleepypod co-founder and lead product designer. “Our collaboration with Fear Free will take pet product innovation to a higher level by reaffirming Sleepypod’s thoughtful design perspective and marrying it with Fear Free’s unparalleled, expert understanding of how pet owners can help their pets live happy, healthy lives.”


“With Fear Free’s focus on reducing fear, anxiety, and stress in pets, Sleepypod is the perfect fit for this collaboration, and we are tremendously excited to be working with the Sleepypod team on the first Fear Free product line coming to market,” says Ruth Garcia, CEO of Fear Free. “The Fear Free Happy Homes edition Sleepypod product line is designed for pet owners that have their pets’ emotional well-being top of mind and will introduce pet owners to the many benefits of Fear Free resources and tools.”

The new product line will launch with co-branded versions of current Sleepypod carrier and harness designs in early November 2022. Collaborative, new product designs will be released in the future.

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