You can never have too many cat mats around the house. Jackson Galaxy recommends tossing mats like this one all around the house as “scent soakers” to help your cats feel confident and secure. If you’re not familiar with the term, scent soakers are items made of soft material that will retain a cat’s smell.The pads also work as carrier liners and may help to make the carrier a friendlier place by incorporating the cat’s own familiar scent.

Triple T Studio’s Sleepy Tiger Cat Mat features a yawning stretching tiger pattern on the top and is a solid gray on the bottom. Generously sized at 20 x 16 inches, the mat is easy to clean and machine washable.


Triple T Studio owner Joanne places the Sleepy Tiger Mats on their ottomans and chairs where her cats love to sleep. She says  it helps keep cat hair off the furniture too!

For more information and to purchase, please visit Triple T Studios.

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