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There is no question that cats are good for us. They can function as therapists and comforters. They lower our blood pressure, remind us to live in the moment, and keep us warm at night. And sometimes, they grace us with special moments that melt our hearts.

These special moments don’t happen every day. I’m not talking about the joy we feel when our cats greet us at the end of a long day, or the exhilaration we feel when we watch them play. I’m talking about those truly magical and rare moments. 

The photo above captures a special moment between Ruby and me. Ruby is my little lovebug. If she had her way, she’d probably be permanently glued to me. She loves to cuddle and hug and rub her face against mine. What made the above moment so special for me was that I was able to capture it on camera.

Allegra has been giving me her own brand of special moments lately. Allegra is affectionate, but she is not a lap cat. It took months after I first adopted her at seven months of age before she would even come near my lap. She liked being in the same room with me, even sit right next to me, but my lap? That was off limits territory as far as she was concerned. Up until recently, lap time was something that was reserved for very special occasions. She’d come up on my lap maybe once a month, and stay for a few minutes at the most. Lately, she has been asking for more lap time, and she stays much longer.

Ruby is not sure whether she thinks that’s such a good thing, but it makes my heart sing.

Our friend JaneA Kelley recently wrote an article about special moments with cats for Catster, in which she shares how her three cats have worked out an arrangement that allows each of them cuddle time with their mom. I’m hoping that Allegra and Ruby will learn from Siouxsie, Thomas and Bella.

What special moments have your cats given you? If you have more than one cat, do your cats share you, or are you dealing with some jealousy issues?

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