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Did you adopt your cat from a shelter or rescue organization? Sharing your adoption story could help that shelter or rescue win up to $100,000 in grant money! Sponsored by the Petco Foundation and Halo, Purely for Pets, the Holiday Wishes Grant Campaign wants to make holiday wishes true for the organization you adopted your feline family member from.

The First Place winning shelter or rescue will receive $100,000. There will be two Second Place award winners who will receive $50,000 each, five Third Place award winners who will receive 25,000 each, ten award winners of $10,000, and fifteen award winners of $5,000. Additionally, Halo will provide a year’s supply of cat or dog food to the adopter who nominates the animal welfare organization that is awarded the top $100,000 grant.

For more information about the Holiday Wishes Grant Campaign, and to submit your adoption story, please visit the campaign website.

Which shelter or rescue will you be nominating?

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5 Comments on Share Your Adoption Story for a Chance to Help Your Favorite Shelter Win up to $100,000 in Grant Money

  1. Thank you so much for telling us about the Petco Holiday Wishes contest! My Rosie came from the City shelter, so I sent in a story about her. Our shelter, Animal Care & Control, is wonderful and I would so love it if Rosie’s story won a grant for them. I’m a Petco shopper, and was surprised I hadn’t heard about the contest from them.

  2. I will enter Joanie and Sammy who I adopted together from a shelter. I went for Sammy, and discovered he had a sister with him and I wasn’t going to separate them.

  3. I plan to submit a story about Carmine who I adopted from Every Creature Counts (a local no-kill shelter). I rescued Jewel from a neglectful owner, and Milita came from my dad, so Carmine’s the only cat I’ve rescued from an actual shelter thus far. I know there will be many more in the future, though. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing about the contest – I hope a lot of adopters enter.

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