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Roadrunner Michael Greenblatt running cat

We’ve all heard of dogs who love to run with their owners. We’ve also heard of some cat owners who train their cats to walk on a leash – walk being the operative word. But a cat who runs with her owner? Now that’s unusual!

Meet Roadrunner and his human, Michael Greenblatt.

Michael Greenblatt is a fitness trainer who trains high profile athletes and celebrities. He lives in West Long Branch, NJ.  One day, three years ago, he went on his morning run like he does every other morning. But that day was going to be different, and little did Michael know at the time how the encounter with the little black kitten would change his life. He noticed the small black cat with the golden eyes sitting on a hill across the street from his house. She reminded him of his black childhood cat Nubbs.

Michael had been a runner for many years, and he was used to cats taking off at the sound of his feet. Not this little kitten. She would just sit and stare at him as he ran by. After about three weeks, he asked the woman who had clearly been feeding the kitten whether she belonged to someone. The woman told him that she was just feeding her, and that he could take the kitten if he wanted her. A few moments later, the kitten came up to Michael and rubbed up against his legs. It was as if she’d understood what he was asking.

The following morning, when Michael went for his run, an amazing thing happened. The kitten was waiting for him in the usual spot, but unlike all the other times, when she just watched Michael run past, that day, she started running with Michael! She ran all the way down the block with him, but thankfully, she stopped when traffic increased. When he returned, the kitten came charging down the streeet to greet him, and accompanied him on his cool down walk back to his house.

After three weeks of this, Michael decided that this kitten was going to be his. He named her Roadrunner – as if there really was another choice for a name!

He has been training Roadrunner for almost two years now. She runs on the sidewalk to the end of Michael’s cul-de-sac, and back. She particularly enjoys running on the Long Branch beach. Running up and down the jetty is one of her favorite tricks. Not surprisingly, she stretches before and after her runs.

When Roadrunner is not running, she likes to “help” Michael when he’s on his laptop computer. That help involves head butting, and biting and swiping at his fingers so he can’t type. She also likes to sit on his cell phone so he can’t find it. At night, she likes to sleep on his stomach with her head on his chest and her paws around his neck.

You can learn more about Roadrunner on her website. She also has her own Facebook page.

Watch Roadrunner in action:

Allegra and Ruby watched this video with great interest, but they’ve both decided that the only running they’ll do will be when they chase each other through the house.

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  1. Nice story about Roadrunner. But I would like to know if this cat is lost since this posting because I have a cat who fits this exact description that comes on my porch in LB every so often like in the last few months. This cat is all black like this one described here and has long legs and its body is very sleek. I don’t see this cat all of the time but she comes by my house like I said every so often and has a bite to eat. Thank you MJ

    • I don’t believe Roadrunner is lost, Mary. Michael posted a “Happy Birthday” notice to Roadrunner on his Facebook page yesterday.

  2. I love Roadrunner and featured her a few months ago on the RPO blog. It is kind of amazing that a cat will run like that. Mine only run when I get out the vacuum. LOL.

  3. What a sweet story. Isn’t it wonderful when similar souls find each other?

  4. Totally heartwarming story, reminds me of the Carly Simon song ~ I wasn’t looking but somehow you found me ~ Nobody does it better~ !
    Just beautiful Ingrid, like yourself! Every day your viewers, friends, etc can count on you to have their spirits lifted in so many different ways.
    Thank you, thank you!

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