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I’ve long been a huge fan of the Vesper line of cat furniture from Hagen, and their newest offering, the Catit Vesper Cabana, continues their tradition of beautifully designed functional pieces.

Catit Vesper Cabana Features

This two level hideout features a hammock on top and a comfortable padded cushion on the lower level. Made from high quality MDF (medium density fiberboard) with a gorgeous oak and white laminate finish, this cabana will not only delight your kitties, but will blend effortlessly into any decor.


I particularly love that they designed this piece with multiple entrances. One of my pet peeves with cat furniture design is the lack of entry and exit points for cubbies. While cats may love cozy hideaways, they can cause problems in a multicat household unless they have more than one entry and exit. The Cabana allows your cats to lounge and yet be aware of the comings and goings around them.

Our review of the Catit Vesper Cabana

We received a Cabana for review, and as usual with anything that requires assembly, I was skeptical when I read the words “Easy Assembly” on the box. However, in this case, it is truly easy: putting the Cabana together couldn’t be simpler. All the pieces are designed to slide into each other. The hammock’s fasteners are doubly secured by the top piece and narrow holes, and if you want to be extra sure, you can knot the ends of the fasteners after threading them through the holes.


Allegra and Ruby were intrigued with the cabana and immediately checked it out. I’m still looking for the purrfect spot for it so that they can settle in and enjoy this gorgeous piece.


For more information and to purchase, please visit Catit US.

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8 Comments on Catit Vesper Cabana with Hammock (2023 Review)

  1. Recently got one of these and my cats love it, only problem is the top of the hammock has split & threaded after only a weeks use.
    My cats are maine coons so quite heavy but it looks like I’m going to have to customise & strengthen the hammock.

      • Yes I took some photos today, wasn’t sure if it would be Catit themselves or the company I got it from, it was at a cat show from a third party company?

          • Had a reply from Catit & apparently they no longer make this item so I have to go back to the supplier where I should be covered by the 1 year warranty?

  2. That looks super comfortable and snuggly, thank you for sharing! Hadn’t heard of this product before but will definitely check it out.

  3. We love our Vesper unit! This looks super cozy with the hammock. It’s definitely a brand I wouldn’t hesitate to get. I’ve always worried my boys would be too heavy for the traditional kitty hammock styles. This looks nice and strong and Lillia loves her hiding/cozy spots.

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