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Motorized interactive toys are not a substitute for playing with your cat, but they can be a great way to keep your cats engaged in between play sessions with you. The UAH Interactive Treat Dispenser Toy is designed to engage your cat’s hunting instinct.

UAH Interactive Treat Dispenser Toy features

    • The “bug” moves randomly and “hides” as it goes around the toy.
    • Will turn off automatically after 10 minutes to prevent over-stimulating and keep the game exciting.
    • Three different modes, from easy to challenging, offer variety.
    • Made from food safe and eco-friendly material.
    • Innovative shallow holes have smooth edges to protect paws.
    • Comes with a USB charger.
    • Free returns within 30 days of purchase.

Putting the UAH Interactive Treat Dispenser Toy to the test

This toy is very quiet, which made me happy. We’ve had motorized toys in the past, and some of them had such a loud motor, they spooked Allegra. She was immediately intrigued with this one.

She also thought it was pretty cool that the toy dispenses treats. I found it amusing that she didn’t immediately eat the treat that came out, but kept playing until a second treat came out.

This is a well made and well designed toy. I like the three different modes, and the fact that it’s USB powered and you don’t need to worry about batteries. I recommend putting the toy away in between play sessions to keep your cat interested.

The UAH Pet Treat Dispenser Toy is available from Amazon.

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