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Here at The Conscious Cat, we’re all about learning from our cats, and How to Think Like a Cat seemed, well, right up our alley.

From the publisher:

After observing his own cat, Ziggy, for years, bestselling French author Stéphane Garnier decided that he would be much happier if he could just live more like Ziggy. Closer study only confirmed his suspicion that cats have that je ne sais quoi, and he set out to share Ziggy’s innate wisdom with the world.

In this little book, Garnier explores how cats can teach us to be less stressed and more independent. The author reflects on how cats accept themselves for who they are, know how to always be the center of attention, and how they are always direct about what they want. The book even contains an Assess Your Cat Quotient (CQ) test. I suppose it’s no surprise that according to the test, I am a cat…

Reflective and sometimes humorous, this is a charming little book. My only issue with it was that cats are referred to as “it” throughout the book. I wish that the translator and the publisher had taken a bit more care to understand that most cat lovers, including me, don’t respond well to the use of gender-neutral language when it comes to writing about cats. The French title uses the male rather than gender-neutral word for “cat,” so my guess is that it’s also used throughout the book in the original version. And I also think that the original French edition has a much cuter cover than the US edition.


How to Think Like a Cat is available from Amazon.

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