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Pamela Merritt is the publisher of the Way of Cats blog. Drawing on 30 years experience of solving cat problems, Pamela shares her approach to solving behavior problems such as litter box issues, scratching, marking, and fighting on the blog. Now Pamela has compiled years of advice into a new book, The Way of Cats: How to Use Their Instinct to Train, Understand, and Love Them.

Pamela’s approach is based on a philosophy which emphasizes communication and understanding each cats’ unique needs. In the book she addresses:

  • How to read, and speak, Cat
  • Bringing cats to the negotiation table
  • Learning the cat types
  • How to pick the right cat for you
  • How to get the cat to love you
  • Learning the right ways to explain and train
  • Talking to your cats so they will listen

I’ve always liked Pamela’s approach to dealing with cats, because it’s all about understanding how cats’ instincts drive everything they do, and using that information to create a loving relationship of mutual respect. This book is filled with lots of information, wonderful stories, and advise any cat parent can put into practice, all delivered in Pamela’s warm, conversational writing style.

The Way of Cats is available from Amazon.

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