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We already know that cats are the boss of everything, so it’s not much of a leap to think that we could learn some business lessons from our cats. in The Feline CEO: How Following a Cat’s Lead Can Make You a Better Business Leader, Lynn Maria Thompson takes a fresh look at leadership from a feline perspective. Or should that be purrspective?

This book will teach you how to

    • Lead with feline confidence
    • Get the view from above with catlike analysis of any and all challenges
    • Be ready to pounce as you hunt daily for opportunities
    • Find comfort in routines to free your mind for big thinking
    • Make remarkable leaps with your new Feline Mindset
    • Rediscover the joys of play and share them with your team
    • Never underestimate the power of a good nap
    • Learn more complex feline behaviors to stay a step ahead

Written in a simple, easily accessible, almost conversational style, Thompson draws parallels between feline and business behavior. The book features a complimentary workbook, available on The Feline CEO website, so you can identify what parts of you need to become more like a cat, and flex your newly found feline muscle, err, mindset.

This is a quick read, and even without working through the exercises, it will have you thinking about your business behavior with a fresh perspective.

The Feline CEO is available from Amazon.

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  1. Ms. Thompson your book, The Feline CEO, sounds like a very informative read from a cat’s purrspective. I’m sure it’ll do well in the market place since cats do rule and they do make the rules in our lives. But what do we care, because what they give in return is far greater than what we give to them.

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