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The Anxious Pet is a company dedicated to creating cutting edge products to help address stress in cats and dogs. All of their products are veterinarian formulated. A third party lab verifies product potency, purity and consistency to ensure top quality.

The Anxious Pet’s tagline is super cute and captures what they offer: “Worry Less, Wag More.” Of course, I think it should say “Worry Less, Purr More,” but nevertheless, we were happy to review their Organic Hemp Oil and their Calming Soft Chews.


Organic Hemp Oil

This full spectrum cannabinoid oil may offer numerous health benefits for cats. The oil may support the immune system support, reduce anxiety and nervousness, offer anti-inflammatory effects and support joint and bone health. Oil tinctures are the safest and most effective delivery system for CBD products, and tend to also be easier to give to cats than other delivery mechanisms. The Anxious Pet’s Organic Hemp Oil uses fractionated coconut oil as a base.

The oil can be given directly in the mouth, or mixed in with food. It should be given with a meal that contains some fat for maximum absorption.

Putting The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil to the test

I was impressed with the Organic Hemp Oil. I’ve tried other CBD products with Allegra in the past, and she has not been very receptive to taking them. I placed a few drops of this oil on a small plate, and she licked it right up! I tasted the oil myself, and while it still has a faint hemp flavor, somehow, The Anxious Pet managed to reduce that enough to make it more palatable for cats.

My take on The Anxious Pet

The sheer number of CBD products for pets on the market is overwhelming, and it can be difficult to discern quality products. I’m confident in these products, and I especially like that they appear to be far more palatable than other products I’ve tried.

For more information and to purchase, please visit The Anxious Pet or click on the banner below.

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