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Allergies are an extreme reaction of the immune system to common substances in a cat’s every day environment. Feline allergies can be a frustrating problem for cat parents and veterinarians because they can be very challenging to diagnose correctly. Conventional treatments are often palliative at best, and sometimes aggravate the problem in the long run. In The Allergic Pet, holistic veterinarian Deva Khalsa, VMD, takes an indepth look at pet allergies.

Dr. Khalsa offers a thorough look at what causes allergies in the first place, how they’re diagnosed (and often mis-diagnosed,) and what the various treatment options are. But more importantly, she explains how to strengthen the immune systems of dogs and cats without invasive techniques or pharmaceutical drugs. Developed over decades of practice and study, Dr. Khalsa’s methods combine holistic approaches such as wholesome nutrition, alternative therapies, herbal remedies, and botanical medicine.

This comprehensive guide offers advice on how to deal with food sensitivity, asthma, ear infections, skin and coat problems, gastrointestinal issues, vaccinations, and more. The book features gorgeous full color photographs and the information is presented in an easily accessible format.

The Allergic Pet is available from Amazon. For more information about Dr. Khalsa, and to schedule a consultation with her, please visit

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