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Mittens is back! The internet’s favorite texting cat and his cast of friends and family, including Earl (the “filthy hound”), Stumpy (the best friend), Drunk Patty (the usually tipsy next-door neighbor), Grandma (giver of treats), and Fiona (Mitty’s girlfriend) will entertain you in Texts from Mittens: The Friends and Family Edition.

Angie Bailey’s quirky sense of humor is a delight. The text exchanges between Mittens and his human will make you chuckle and laugh out loud.


It might even make you wish that your own cats could figure out this texting thing…


Texts from Mittens: The Friends and Family Edition is available from Amazon.

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Texts from Mittens sample from the Text from Mittens Facebook page

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7 Comments on Review: Texts from Mittens: The Friends and Family Edition

  1. Mittens, I love you! All cats should text, that’s a hint for Allegra and Ruby to start brushing up on their typing skills! Ingrid, it’s up to the human, meaning you, to begin showing your intelligent girls the wonderful world of texting.

  2. I just ordered this and used your link, but I also used Amazon Smile, and it occurs to me now that might conflict? I don’t know. So I’m sorry if I screwed it up for you! But if it helps, my Smile donation goes to the HSUS at least.

  3. I’m glad my cats can’t text. I don’t even want to think about what their texts would look like and how often I would get them.

  4. Texts from some of my cats:

    Katie: These other cats are scum, get rid of them.

    Sylvia: You STOLE my mouse again!!! (real mice involved, latest just a bit ago!)

    Chrissie: When is Chester coming home?

    Most of them: OOOO, it’s bedtime, time for TREEEEATS!!!

    If they could text, I would never get a minutes peace (except during nap times.)

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