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Losing a beloved cat is often a child’s first experience with the death of a family member. Depending on a child’s age, death and euthanasia can be difficult concepts to grasp, and parents may find themselves at a loss as to how to help their grieving child. Staying Strong for Smokey, written by veterinarian Corey Gut, DVM, with guidance from an elementary school counselor and child therapist, addresses this difficult topic.

Smokey is a cherished member of the family who has grown up with the little girl in whose voice the book is written. When Smokey becomes ill and her quality of life has diminished, the family has to make the difficult decision to let Smokey go.

Aimed at young children, this beautifully illustrated book introduces a tough subject in a compassionate and accessible manner. Reading this book with children can help them cope with loss and serve as a catalyst to open up about their feelings.

Staying Strong for Smokey and its canine counterpart, Being Brave for Bailey, are available from Amazon or directly from the author’s website.

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