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I’ve been blessed with several soul cats. Each of these special cats changed my life in ways I never could have imagined, from my first cat Feebee, who guided me toward a new career, to Amber, the original conscious cat who inspired this website, to Buckley who inspired my first book, to Ruby, who, more than any other cat I’ve had, taught me to love fully with my whole being, to Allegra, who continues to teach me so many lessons every day. In Soul Cats: How Our Feline Friends Teach Us to Live from the Heart, Tamara Schenk shares the story of her cats and how caring for them through their senior years transformed her life and her understanding of the human-animal bond.

When Tamara adopted two senior cats in 2015, she knew she might not have a lot of years with them, and that she’d be dealing with multiple health issues. She was ready for the challenge and poured her heart and soul into loving and caring for 12-year-old Max and 15-year-old Flix. In the process, she learned about “how conventional medicine, natural healing methods, and energy clearing work can create a powerful trinity of relief and deep meaning in our lives.”

The book explores the powerful connection we share with our feline friends on a spiritual as well as practical level. Tamara’s journey with Max and Flix will resonate with all cat parents who have had to deal with health issues in their cats.

The author’s experiences resonated deeply with my own during Buckley’s and Ruby’s illnesses, from trying to find the best possible treatment for each cat’s condition while never losing sight of their personalities, to all the emotions that come with caring for an ill cat, to finally finding a way to let go.

Ultimately, this book is a beautiful love story. It’s about the profound love and connection between cats and their humans. It’s about unconditional love through the good and the bad. It’s about putting the cats’ needs above our own. And it’s about the heart connection that never dies.

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