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Okay, fess up: for how many of you does the title of this book ring true? Sorry Honey, but the Critters Come First is Kelly Meister-Yetter’s third installment in her animal themed memoir series. The book features Kelly’s adventures with ducks, horses, dogs, and, don’t worry Allegra, there are also cats in the book.

The author spent much of her life in darkness following childhood abuse, and the resulting depression led her to often isolate herself from other humans. Animals turned out to be her salvation: spending time around animals, and helping them, contributed to the healing of old childhood wounds.

In the first part of this book, Meister-Yetter shares the story of the cat who got her started down the rescue road. Caring for a desperately ill cat brought her face to face with everything that comes with it: the multiple, time consuming daily treatments, frequent vet visits, and ultimately, letting go and learning to live with loss.

The second part features Meister-Yetter’s trademark: candid stories of triumph and tragedy. The book will have you smile and tear up, often in the same chapter. Not surprisingly, the story about Macavity, the cat who started it all, resonated most deeply with me.

If you’ve enjoyed Kelly’s previous books, you will love this book, and if you’re new to Kelly, this is a great start to learn more about this consummate animal lover and her critters.

Sorry Honey, but the Critters Come First is available from Amazon.

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