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My favorite city in the world and cats – what could be better? I’d been looking forward to Shop Cats of New York ever since I first heard about the book’s concept. This first book by Tamar Arslanian, known for her blog – “Single in the City with Cat(s)”, combines Tamar’s love for cats and for her city in one beautiful package.

Tamar introduces us to shop cats ranging from the famous Matilda, who resides at the Algonquin Hotel, to ordinary cats who live at copy shops, distilleries, bookstores, and bodegas. The stunning photographs by Andrew Martilla, combined with the backstory Tamar provides for each of the cats, take the reader on a feline-centric tour of the city’s five boroughs.


Tamar also addresses an issue about shop cats that I’ve often wondered about myself. Like me, she felt bad about cats who lived out their days in businesses, wondering whether they wouldn’t be better off in more traditional living situations. Meeting the cats in the book not only dispelled those misgivings for Tamar, it made her realize that these cats probably have more human interaction than many apartment cats in the city who only see their humans before and after work and on weekends.


This gorgeous book is much more than just a beautiful cat book. It’s a celebration of the bond between cats and humans, and one woman’s love affair with her city.

Shop Cats of New York is available from Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

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