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Cat trees are a must have for indoor cats. They satisfy cats’ need to climb, they provide a great view of the outdoors if placed near a window, and they offer an outlet for cats’ natural instinct to scratch. Cat trees are especially important in multicat households, giving cats opportunities to share territory on more than one level, without bumping into each other and creating possible altercations.

With so many options for cat trees, ranging from basic carpeted models to wooden works of art, there are plenty of choices for discerning felines and humans. For me, one of the requirements of a cat tree is that it has to look good and fit in with my home decor. The Seedling Tree House from Pet Tree House not only looks amazing in my living room, it actually became a focal point. Oh, and in case you were wondering: Allegra and Ruby think it’s the cat’s meow.


Joe, a former custom builder of multimillion dollar homes, and his wife Shelley designed their first Pet Tree House for their own cats in 2008. They wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing cat tree that would also mimic a realistic outdoor experience for cats. They started their business in their garage, and it quickly grew to the point where Joe and Shelley now have a custom showroom and manufacturing plant in Sanford, Florida.

Their trees range in size from the 36 inch Sprout to the 7 foot tall Mature Tree House. Each tree is hand crafted and takes up to 1,000 individual cuts to build it. The real trees use to make the tree houses are hand selected, as is the cedar that is used for the platforms.

Shelley and Joe offered us a choice of trees to review, and I chose The Seedling Tree House. It’s one of the most beautiful cat trees I’ve ever seen, and it fits perfectly into a corner of our living room near a large window.


The Seedling Tree House came fully assembled in a very large box. The only assembly required was putting the branches into pre-drilled, well-marked holes along the trunk and branches of the tree. Allegra and Ruby immediately went to check out the new tree, and it took maybe a minute before Allegra, and then Ruby, ended up in the cradle at the top.

The Seedling Tree House is super sturdy. It weighs about 35 pounds. The bottom platform is large enough so there’s no way this tree can be toppled over. The middle platform and top cradle will hold even bigger cats comfortably.

The leaves are beautiful! I consider myself a bit of a fake tree connoisseur since I’ve had my share of them since I gave up having real plants twenty years ago when Feebee started decimating a ficus tree by methodically chewing off all the leaves, and I’ve learned that not all fake trees are created equal. Some loose their leaves easily, others just simply look awful. Pet Tree Houses foliage looks realistic. They even have an Autumn Foliage option, so your cat tree can change colors with the season!

Pet Tree House collage

Allegra, Ruby, and I are absolutely delighted with our Seedling Tree House. The girls both love to sleep in the top cradle (unfortunately, not together: if I have one issue with this tree, it’s that it’s so coveted, I may have to consider getting a second one!). I feel that my living space got an “upgrade” with this beautiful piece of furniture.

One other thing that is unique about Pet Tree Houses, and that I love, is that even some of their taller models come fully assembled with the exception of the leaves. They even offer “white glove” delivery (the tree is unpacked and set up in your home). They do offer one four-level DIY tree, the KIT-TY Tree, which requires assembly. According to Sandy Robins’ review, it is easy to put together even for the assembly challenged.

These stunning cat trees are an investment, but the joy they will bring to your cats and the beauty they will add to your home are well worth the price. For more information and to place an order, please visit


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